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Summer Drink Ideas: Piña Colada, Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Rum Runner Recipes

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As July rings in the summer, celebrate with a refreshing array of cooling cocktail-based slush mixes. CoolBreeze Beverage is thrilled to highlight a lineup of classic drinks that will delight patrons and enhance their summer experience: Piña Colada, Mojito, Rum Runner, and Strawberry Daiquiri premium drink mixes. Whether operating a hotel, restaurant, or bar, these drink mixes deliver relaxation and refreshment in every sip. Explore these 4 delicious beverages that will make your establishment the go-to spot this summer.

July 10th: Enjoy a Tropical Escape with Piña Colada

Available with regular or cane sugar, our delicious Piña Colada Premium Slush Drink Mix will transport guests to a tropical paradise. This creamy, dreamy cocktail combines the rich flavors of coconut and pineapple, offering a sip of leisure with every glass. The lush, tropical flavors provide a delightful escape and offer a moment of relaxation for your guests, making it the ultimate summer drink.

July 11th: Experience Freshness in Every Sip with a Minty Mojito

Celebrate National Mojito Day with the crisp, refreshing taste of Mojito. This classic choice combines the crispness of mint with the zing of lime in our premium slush mix, creating a drink as refreshing as a summer breeze. The Mojito perfectly balances sweetness, citrus, and mint, making it ideal for hot summer days and a long-standing favorite among guests looking to cool down with an invigorating beverage.

July 13th: Take a Journey of Flavors with a Classic Rum Runner

Celebrate National Rum Day on July 13th with the bold and familiar Rum Runner. This premium slush mix combines the rich flavors of light and dark rum with tropical flavors, creating a fruity and captivating drink with hints of grenadine and a vibrant, deep red hue. The Rum Runner’s intricate blend makes it a standout choice for guests seeking a deeply satisfying experience.

July 19th: Taste Summer Bliss with a Strawberry Daiquiri

End your July celebrations on a high note with the vibrant and fruity Strawberry Daiquiri, perfect for National Daiquiri Day on July 19th. Known for its bright red hue and delightful strawberry flavor, this slush mix is a perennial favorite that brings the essence of summer straight to your glass. With its sweet and tangy flavor profile, the Strawberry Daiquiri is a crowd-pleaser that will have your guests coming back for more.

Serve Patrons in 5 Easy Steps!

Prepping these delightful cocktails is a breeze with our straightforward process. Here’s how you can easily get your CoolBreeze premium mixes ready to serve, ensuring consistency and maximum refreshment for your guests. Follow these simple steps to create the perfect summer beverages:

How to Prepare:

1. Choose Your Mix of Choice: Whether you choose Piña Colada, Mojito, Rum Runner, or Strawberry Daiquiri, our premium slush mixes are designed for ease and consistency.

2. Shake the Mix Well: Ensure all the flavors are evenly distributed.

3. Pour into Frozen Beverage Machine: Follow your machine’s instructions and the slush mix and add water into your frozen beverage machine.

4. Allow the Mixture to Freeze: Follow the machine’s instructions and allocate freezing time, typically around 30-45 minutes.

5. Serve and Garnish: Dispense the slush into glasses and garnish appropriately. For example, a Piña Colada could be garnished with a pineapple slice and a cherry, or a Mojito might be adorned with fresh mint leaves and a lime wheel. Adding fresh orange slices or mint leaves can provide an extra touch of elegance.

Elevate your beverage menu this July and delight your guests with CoolBreeze Beverage’s lineup of summery slush drinks. These classic tastes, made with our premium, ready-to-use slush mixes, will transform any occasion into a memorable celebration. Order your CoolBreeze mixes today and toast to a summer filled with refreshing drinks and happy guests!