You are currently viewing Celebrate National Frosé Day on June 8th with CoolBreeze Beverage’s Frozen Frosé Slush Mix!

Celebrate National Frosé Day on June 8th with CoolBreeze Beverage’s Frozen Frosé Slush Mix!

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June 8th marks National Frosé Day, a perfect opportunity to elevate your service and treat your guests to a refreshing and sophisticated delight. What better way to celebrate than with CoolBreeze Beverage’s Frozen Frosé Slush? Whether operating a hotel, restaurant, or bar, our ready-to-use slush mix will impress your patrons and enhance their brunch experience.

Discover the Magic of Our Premium Frosé Slush Mix

At CoolBreeze Beverages, great taste should be vibrant and convenient. Our premium Frozen Frosé Slush is crafted using top-quality ingredients and a hassle-free preparation process. Our Frosé Premium Frozen Drink Machine Mix captures the essence of a chilled glass of rosé wine on a warm summer day. Each sip is a delightful fusion of fruity rosé wine and zesty citrus, with a touch of sweetness, creating a sophisticated and refreshing experience for patrons. Our easy-to-use format makes it easy for any establishment to mix a premium Frozen Frosé.

How to Prepare Your Frozen Frosé Slush

Follow this simple recipe to prepare the perfect Frozen Frosé:
1 bottle (64 oz) – CoolBreeze Frosé Slush Mix
4 bottles (4 x 750 mL) – Rosé Wine
500 mL – Vodka (or other white spirit)
1.5 gal – Water


  1. Combine all ingredients in your slush machine.
  2. Mix thoroughly to ensure the flavors are evenly distributed.
  3. Allow the mixture to freeze according to the machine’s instructions, typically around 30-45 minutes.
  4. Once frozen, dispense the slush into glasses and garnish with fresh fruit or a sprig of mint for an elegant touch.
  5. Serve immediately and toast to National Frosé Day with your patrons!

Why Choose CoolBreeze Beverages?

CoolBreeze Beverages is your premier source for premium frozen drinks. Our Frozen Slush mixes, made with high-quality ingredients, are easy to use and come in a variety of flavors. Whether your customers are booking a brunch party, lounging by the hotel pool, or unwinding at the bar after a long day, our Frozen Frosé Slush adds a touch of sophistication to any menu.

Raise Your Glass to National Frosé Day

Guests love the flavors we deliver. So, treat your customers and celebrate this National Frosé Day in style with CoolBreeze Beverage’s Frozen Frosé Slush. With its refreshing taste and easy preparation, it’s the ultimate way to toast to this special day. Order your slush mix today and serve up the talk of the town. Cheers!