Cool Breeze is the supplier of exclusive frozen cocktail mixers, premium beverages, Coca-Cola products, all-natural fruit juices, soda syrups, coffee and tea products. In addition, we supply CO2 tanks for any drink machine purposes, cryo gas for entertainment purposes, and even custom paper goods such as cups, straws, etc. We want to make sure that you never run out of your most popular items, whether at your business, or in the office. Most importantly, we want to help you stock up on unique items that your customers can’t find at other stores, because making you stand out is our main objective.

Frozen beverages are our specialty! With specials blends and flavors we have created a non-refrigerated mix to give your consumers the best frozen cocktail experience. Our natural flavors, real fruit puree, and concreted mix gives your restaurant the upper edge by providing the most delicious frozen cocktails. We give you overall service, including slushy machine rentals and customer service on machines.

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