With over 100 different machines and equipment bundles to choose from, rest assured, we carry every item and provide the services you need tailored specifically to your location. Whether you are in need of a part to fix your current fountain drink machine, or perhaps a BUNN part to repair your coffee machine, and even your broken down slushy equipment...we have you covered. If you're looking for bar equipment, such as a bar gun system or even an ice machine for back-of-house, we've got your back on that too! We keep over 20 different types of machines in stock at our facility to meet your various needs at any time. In addition, we carry a wide array of parts in our inventory to repair machines on sight, so please call us to inquire about any existing equipment you may have, that are in need of service or maintenance. In addition, we even provide custom tailoring when it comes to any add-ons, for example napkins or lids with your business logo printed on them. We pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop when it comes to a complete beverage experience.

Fountain Machines

We offer a complete line of commercial and residential soda fountain dispenser systems, that are pre-assembled and ready for installation. We also make our own bag-in-box soda syrups as well! As your one-stop shop, take a look at our selection of soda syrups listed below:

Frozen drink MACHINES


At Cool Breeze, frozen beverages are our forte, and we have the full package for you, tailored specifically to your location and needs. We provide excellent customer service, machines, and installments along with frozen beverage mixes to give you the best experience so you can satisfy your customer's cravings. Our services are implemented in a wide array of industries and niches such as:

COFFEE machines

We are a proud partner of BUNN's coffee products, as they are the industry leader, specifically when it comes to coffee grinders/makers. Just as we pride ourselves on excellent service and meeting your company needs, BUNN follows through with the exact same outcome, ensuring a pristine product every time. Most importantly, we can meet all of your business needs when it comes to giving the customer a memorable experience...preferably with a freshly made cup of joe.


Not only do we supply your front-end equipment and processes, but we can also provide your back-of-house needs, starting with our selection of ice machines. We carry a wide array of ice machine equipment, from all shapes and sizes, to conform to your specific requests. Whether you are a restaurant, bar, or hotel...we have your commercial ice machines in stock for immediate use. In addition to having a wide selection of commercial equipment, we provide servicing on the spot to ensure that your investment is up and working properly.


We pride ourselves on providing the best machines and equipment needed for any and all industries, including a basic foundation of bar necessities. Everything you need for your bar is housed right here at Cool Breeze Beverages. We carry a line-up of bar guns, CO2 Tanks, mixers, paper cups, lids, straws, napkins, branded material, and much more!