The key to a successful business is to provide your customers with exceptional products, all while maintaining a low cost to your company overall. By providing great products, your consumer will indulge in a high quality experience, ensuring customer retention for your location. We at Cool Breeze provide a huge selection of add-on products, from stirrers all the way to creamers. It is our mission to keep your consumer happy by stocking your business with all the essentials needed such as cups, lids, straws, and other items put in place to enhance the overall customer experience. We even sell jugs and caps to enhance your frozen beverage experience, ensuring your formula is mixed perfectly every time!

In addition, we even provide custom tailoring when it comes to any add-ons, for example napkins or lids with your business logo printed on them. We pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop when it comes to a complete beverage experience.


We've got you covered with all of your frozen beverages needs, including mixing jugs and caps to ensure a proper measurement every time, and perfect for storage.


Our quality BIB connectors are effortless to install. Designed to get your fountain systems up and running, they seamlessly attach to Bag-In-Box syrup containers for a secure and sanitary connection.