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First Date Tips

To start, I recommend that you first ask someone out that is not your best friend, family member, or significant other. Think of your date like a blind date, and you’ll see that it’s difficult to fake it when you haven’t put yourself out there.

Cards or Flowers

A simple gift of flowers or a nice card can be a great way to start a conversation. In a letter or email, let the person know who you are and what you like about yourself, and find a way to get to know one another. If you’re not sure of what you want to talk about, be really general and say something like “How about making some plans with me? Would you like to go out some time next week?” With any luck, the person you’re interacting with will ask you something, and you can use the opportunity to really connect.

Going to a Place You Both Like

If you’ve got the both of you, it’s probably a good idea to meet at a place you both enjoy, or plan to enjoy once you’ve had a chance to really get to know one another. You want to make sure you can talk freely with your date (having a third person present can be a good way to avoid small talk), which is why it’s a good idea to find a place where you can enjoy the company of your date.

Amusement Park

If you’re not into spontaneous spontaneity and have gotten into the routine of meeting friends for a drink at your local pub, consider heading out to a local amusement park instead. A park can be a great place to get to know someone, as there are so many different things going on at once that you won’t have to try to steer the conversation. Once you’re there, you’re probably going to have to go on lots of rides, so get comfortable with your fear of heights, and make sure to buy or request a ride in the same seat with your date.

Best friend

Cuddling up with your best friend can be a great way to help get to know each other. You’re not going to have to worry about whether your date is being
Read on for the secrets of both online dating and in-person dating. Even if you’re completely comfortable with yourself and are a good conversationalist, the idea of putting your best self forward and being vulnerable with a stranger who may become the love of your life is, well, intimidating. And if you’re new to online dating or have just had a hard time dating in your local community, the site can actually help you make new connections—as long as you know how to navigate.

The age-old question of what to wear on a first date still holds true: As much as you’d like to look your best, you don’t want to look like a shiny slot machine. Just wear something that flatters you, completes you, and makes you feel confident and comfortable. Your confidence will attract more confidence, and your flaws will be hidden by the curve of a flattering top or high-waisted pants.

Now, when it comes to online dating—and this is important, because online dating can totally suck you in to believing that you must be perfect—write down what your top five looks are. Do you only like to dress up on occasions, like to wear loud or colorful clothing when you feel comfortable or confident, or like to rock a color that flatters you with your skin tone? Or maybe you only feel good when you put on makeup and invest a lot of time in your look, but go heavy on it when you’re just going out with friends. Whatever your personal style, don’t worry about having to dress a certain way to be “all you can be” on a date. If anything, this knowledge will give you confidence to be the best version of you.

photo credit: Getty You don’t have to worry about whether you’re dressed for a first date. It’s best to show up for a date looking like yourself, especially if it’s a casual outing like dinner. This is where knowing your top five looks comes in handy. Write down your top five looks or the most comfortable looks you have for dating, whether you’re going out with friends or hitting on a potential match. This is a chance to flatter your best self, especially if you have a habit of wearing bulky clothing to show off your curves. On a first date, your outfit should show off your best features.

photo credit: Getty If you’ve got a personality challenge—like, say, you’re not a smoker—this is a great chance to de-

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