Yvonne Am See

Yvonne Am See

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Yvonne Am See

i started playing the ukulele at the age of 12 and have been playing since. its made a huge difference in my life. i played in several bands and even toured with a 3 piece band, i did it because it was exciting and fun, but by the age of 27 i realized i couldn’t be a full-time musician. i started working at a local winery in napier and i loved the business. i left the company after four years and started my own business which has become yvonneator. i love what i do and it allows me to be a part of my community. my business is involved in supporting local food and community projects.

in september 2019, i took on a challenge and launched a new non-profit organisation called yvonne am see foundation and the course was designed to help people cope with the difficult times we are facing. its based in the george institute for global health here in auckland.

our team of researchers and educators has studied nearly 300 individuals who have been impacted by covid19. we are doing interviews, analysing data and writing feedback articles on these individuals to help them navigate the challenges that they are facing. for example, the big one for us was that they all have a voice and can speak their truth. if you are feeling isolated, you need to say so. this issue is huge and its taking us all down with it. what does a healthy relationship look like during the pandemic. do you need the same amount of time together, etc.

if you believe in something big, believe in it deeply and let it guide you. if you are keen on knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you have to offer the world, then take the time to figure it out. also, support others who are facing the challenges with you and don’t beat yourself up! the other thing that i found helps me a lot is taking control of the things that i can. sometimes your mind will just wander and you wont even know. you can struggle to find your mind wandering and just stop it. you can catch yourself just thinking about really silly things and you just have to say, “ok, stop that! come on, think about something else.”

after seven long months, the storm had finally passed. you are like a storm! energy and pace in the way that you move, the way you think, the way you touch people. the mere thought of you leaves me with a wave of tingling. always so much to give, and so much gratitude that you are mine! thank you for the gift of you. i will always hold you in my heart.
we are grateful for the wonderful experience we have had at the childrens place. there was a positive effect on our lives when we experienced their program for the first time. it was so rewarding to be a part of their program. the curriculum had good quality, and the instructors were knowledgeable, experienced and assisted with professional maturity. this gave us a terrific knowledge and i am glad that i could learn how to implement the techniques into my practice. this program was a wonderful experience and i highly recommend it.
the childrens place is a remarkable organization. it is a community in itself. i have seen a lot of things, but this place is a special one! people love each other and care for each other here. even the program managers care for the students; they want the students to succeed. the staff in the program are experienced and knowledgeable. this place is unlike any other. the place is the best.
at the childrens place, the family willingness to study, attend and participate (fwsaap) help facilitate the therapeutic environment that fosters relationships between family members and the therapist. in addition, therapists are encouraged to formulate a plan for the treatment with the family regarding goals for therapy, followed by implementation of the therapeutic plan. each day is a new opportunity to nurture relationships with the goal of promoting communication, trust, and understanding with the families.


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