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ImTOO Movie Maker Video Editor was designed to be highly functional and simple to use. Combine your media, add some effects, and you are ready to post on the web or on any of your media devices. ImTOO Movie Maker is so easy to use, you can create professional looking videos quickly.


Easy to use

Free edition of Movie Maker

ImTOO Movie Maker has been designed to be very easy to use. You can create your movies without any experience in video editing. With only a few steps, you can create videos that are high in quality.

Expert mode

Create professional videos without stress

This mode is perfect for those who wish to create videos that are actually comparable to professional products. Start from a simple video editor and explore the many options that ImTOO Movie Maker has to offer. Add some amazing visual effects and transition effects, so your videos will look professional.

Create standard videos

Be more creative

In this mode, you can create videos that are more creative than the usual ones. Just be creative, try new effects, and you will achieve professional results.

Trim your videos

Cut out unwanted parts

With this mode, you can trim the video to get rid of unwanted parts. What you are left with is a video that will be more interesting and more complete.

Professional results

Keep on learning

In this mode, you can improve your editing skills and create amazing videos. Even if you are a beginner, you can use the many tutorials that ImTOO Movie Maker has to offer to learn more.

Protect your videos

Be a better uploader

This mode allows you to protect your videos to be safe while uploading them on the web.

3D videos

Edit 3D videos

With this mode, you can create amazing 3D videos. You can use your editing skills to create the 3D effect that you want.

Informative tutorials

Learn what to do

There are many tutorials to help you get the most out of this product. All you need to do is to learn them.

You can also create your own tutorials to share with your friends. With this option, you will be able to record and share your tutorials to anyone.

Convert videos to MP4

Get the most out of your videos

This option allows you to convert videos to MP4. You eea19f52d2

1. Find Duplicate NSF Files
2. Select Duplicate NSF Files
3. Delete Duplicate NSF Files
4. Remove Duplicate NSF Files
5. Delete Duplicate NSF Files
6. Remove Duplicate NSF Files
7. Delete Duplicate NSF Files
8. Delete Duplicate NSF Files

Find Duplicate NSF Files
NSF Duplicate Remover lets you search for any file that may have been copied from another file. You can also use the search criteria to find duplicate files in the Notes client.
Select Duplicate NSF Files
Using the comparison criteria users can search for the duplicate files. To use the criteria, click on Select duplicate NSF Files. A window will be opened that lets you specify the criteria for finding duplicates.
Delete Duplicate NSF Files
Deleting files can take a long time. Using the Delete duplicate NSF Files feature you can make a simple selection that deletes the duplicate files.
Remove Duplicate NSF Files
Using the Delete duplicate NSF Files feature lets you permanently delete duplicate NSF files that are still residing in Notes client. The Delete Duplicate NSF Files feature is useful if you do not have the time to select each and every file manually.

Delete Duplicate NSF Files Description:
Find duplicate NSF files, remove them, and save the disk space.

Email Remover Description:

1) Find duplicate emails
2) Save deleted emails
3) Delete emails

Find duplicate emails
Lotus Notes Emails can easily contain a list of duplicates that are in the form of message (emails), attachments, etc. Using the ListViews you can visually analyze the entire mail list and select the duplicates to be removed.

Save deleted emails
Lotus Notes clients have a ‘Recycle Bin’ feature that allows you to permanently delete deleted emails. Deleting emails is a time consuming process. Using the Email Remover you can set the criterion that you will use for the deletion.

Delete emails
Using the Email Remover you can delete all the emails that are in the recycle bin. It is a time saving and easy to use tool.

Delete emails Description:

1) Find duplicate emails
2) Save deleted emails
3) Delete emails

Find duplicate emails
Using the NSF Duplicate Remover you can find the duplicate emails in the Notes clientш§щшєш№ш§ш·щѓ-album-on-imgur/

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