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Backup Compare is a lightweight, portable software that enables you to view the highlighted differences between two backup folders. The software can compare two directories by name and size, but also analyze their contents, in order to identify the changes.
The folder submitted to comparison
Backup Compare allows you to view the paralleled analysis of two folders, regardless of their content or purpose. The software comes in handy however, when you need to view the differences that occurred to a newer backup folder and compare it to the old one. The software can highlight the files that underwent changes between the two versions.
All you need to do is indicate the path of the newer folder and the path for the older one, in the designated fields. The software can automatically display the contents of the folders, then highlight the files with identical names but different size, for instance.
Thorough folder comparison
Backup Compare is designed to analyze directories and their contents, by name, size and detect the changes made in its structure. Optionally, you may choose to compare each file contained in the folder, by their MD5 checksums.
The software can indicate any additional files added to the backup directory or stress the gradual decay of data, in storage media. Moreover, it displays the files contained in each folder and allows you to double click on each entry in order to prompt a window in Explorer, leading to the file’s location. Backup Compare is lightweight and portable, meaning its usage is convenient for any user.
Reliable and useful comparison tool
With Backup Compare, you may easily observe the modifications that were made within a folder, observe its contents and compare the directories in order to check the data degradation. The software allows you to load two folders or backup directories then compare them. You may view the changes that occurred within the folder in a separate area.Richard Charles is a 20-year veteran of the software industry and a serial entrepreneur with an angel investment firm, The Techcow. He is a lawyer by training and an international speaker on Internet law. He has served on several boards, including TechTV, Oxygen, and the IEEE. His hobbies include technology, entrepreneurship, and karaoke.

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Ra Workshop Lite is a software program whose purpose is to help users create window and door offers, quotes and reports, by inputting the material needed and production costs. Surprise-free setup and structured environment The installation process is quite a piece of cake, as it does not offer to download products that are not necessary for the tool to work fully, and it does not last longer than a few moments. Once you are done with it, you come face to face with what seems to be, at first, a pretty overwhelming GUI. Nevertheless, once you get used to it, you realize that it is quite well-organized. It is suitable to all types of users and it contains some pretty extensive Help contents, as well as some wizards, thus ensuring that beginners can understand all options integrated. Create quotes and save them to the PC It is possible to create new quote, production or post production projects, as well as window libraries, while you can also open multiple tabs in the same time, thus enabling you to multi-task. Saving all the data stored in this utility is available in formats such as HTML, MHT, PDF, RTF, TXT and XLS. Use the templates incorporated You can create new components with the help of all the shapes, splitters, wings, surfaces, shutters and so on the developers have put to your disposal, and you should know that warning will be displayed in the main window if a particular value is not suitable or some material is not found. Generate reports and change the currency You can also include labor in your calculations, check out stocks and color combinations and generate quotes, graphic, order or production reports, delivery and assembling documents, as well as labels and bar codes. The measurement unit can be changed, another currency can be used and you can also input the currency exchange rate, and create a contact list. Conclusion To wrap it up, Ra Workshop Lite is an efficient and well-rounded piece of software, which offers support for people in the windows and doors industry. The system’s performance is not impeded, the interface is user-friendly and there are sufficient options to keep you glued to your PC for quite a while. Ra Workshop Lite Download and full version

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