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Using text input managers, keyboard macros is an easy way to record a lot of actions for repetitive tasks and thus avoid typing errors. In the MACRO editor, you can record all of the actions of your choice.

KEYMACRO has the following features:

– Save Keyboard Shortcuts (Batch command keys and type command keys)
– KeyCapture: Supports Keys and Key combination.
– KeyCapture: Supports mouse clicks.
– KeyCapture: Supports hotkeys (Hotkey, hotkeys for some apps).
– KeyCapture: Supports commands (Keystrokes and Commands).
– KeyCapture: Supports system (Keys of windows, operating systems).
– MouseMacro: Supports mouse clicks.
– MouseMacro: Supports mouses (Mouse clicks, mouses to apps, mouses to desktop).
– MouseMacro: Supports hotkeys (Hotkeys).
– MouseMacro: Supports commands (Keystrokes and Commands).
– MouseMacro: Supports system (Keystrokes of windows, operating systems).
– KeyScan: Supports a list of keys.
– KeyScan: Supports a key input list.
– KeyScan: Supports key combo.
– KeyScan: Supports hotkeys (Hotkey).
– KeyScan: Supports command (Keystrokes and Commands).
– KeyScan: Supports operating system (Keystrokes of operating system).
– Recorder: Supports a list of keys.
– Recorder: Supports a key input list.
– Recorder: Supports hotkeys (Hotkey).
– Recorder: Supports commands (Keystrokes and Commands).
– Recorder: Supports operating system (Keystrokes of operating system).
– Screenshots: Supports captures.
– Screenshots: Supports a list of captures.
– Screenshots: Supports a screenshot list.
– Screenshots: Supports a key list.
– Screenshots: Supports hotkeys (Hotkey).
– Screenshots: Supports commands (Keystrokes and Commands).
– Screenshots: Supports operating system (Keystrokes of operating system).
– ShellCommand: Supports a list of commands.
– ShellCommand: Supports a shell command.
– ShellCommand: Supports commands.
– ShellCommand: Supports hotkeys (Hotkey).
– ShellCommand: Supports operating system (Keystrokes of operating system).
– ShellCommand: Supports a command list.
– ShellCommand: Supports operating system (Command of 384a16bd22

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The icons for the icons are available as an icon pack.
OS X 10.4 and later.
Size: 6.53 MB
Source Files: Download
License: Download

MegaClock – Clock Free for Mac is the award winning and very well known time and date clock. MegaClock is available in 4 different skins.
MegaClock is a must have tool for every Mac.
* 4 different skins.
* 8 different skins (3 are available on the web site, 4 on the mac file formats)
* Uses Cocoa’s native NSDatePicker or NSToolbar.
* Full OS X 10.4 or later support.
* Supports Network Access.
* Supports Event and Calendar Access.
* Supports AppleScript.
* Supports Mouse and Keyboard Events.
* Supports Visual and Audio notifications.
* No additional plug-ins required.
* No screen shots.
* Scales to fit the size of your screen.
* Run in the menu bar.
* Stays on top of other windows.
* Displays the current time in either 12 hour or 24 hour format.
* Displays the current date in either 1,2,3… or 31, Feb or 2019 format.
* Shows the current day of the week in either a 3 letter or 2 letter abbreviation format.
* Can be moved to the side of your screen or to the top of your screen.
* Has a context menu that allows the user to quickly change the skin, format, show current date, show current day of the week, and activate/deactivate/drag the clock to the side of the screen.
* Allows the user to quickly move the clock to the side of the screen and control it from the right click context menu.
* Uses AppleScript to change the display format and time zone to match the system clock.
* Supports iCloud Drive.
* When launched from the Dock, the menu bar clock is now animated.
* Has an autorepeat function that allows the clock to continue ticking even when the application is not the frontmost application.
* When run as a Carbon application it can be dragged to the top of the screen to become the system menu bar clock.
* Supports the full color palette.
* Uses the Carbon look and feel.
* Has built in drag and drop support to quickly add the Clock to your menu bar.
* Requires no additional plug-ins.

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