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Vee-Hive is a software application built specifically for helping users organize their multimedia files in a clean and intuitive working environment.
The program features a smart system which enables you to filter the items added to a library by file extension (e.g. AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV, and other user-defined file formats), include subfolders in the scanning process, as well as collect file details and video date, and create thumbnails.
What’s more, you can perform search operations, view the still images included in each video displayed on a story board, check duplicate items, missing files, as well as items that don’t have thumbnails.
Vee-Hive gives you the possibility to tag multiple files using hierarchies, links, and synonyms, create segments, which are small sections of file, build playlists, and use the program in a TV-Out mode.
Other important features worth mentioning enable you to view information about a file, such as format, date, size, duration, bitrate, resolution, and frame rate, play, pause, or stop the current video selection, and adjust the volume.
Last but not least, you can switch to a full screen mode for a better focus on your work, create multiple libraries, and embed external applications for performing different actions with your files.
During our testing we have noticed that the program carries out a task quickly, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process. However, it eats up CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer may be burdened.
All in all, Vee-Hive proves to be a reliable application that comprises a handy set of features for helping you manage your multimedia collection.
Key features:
* Scan and organize
* File tagging
* Generate thumbnails
* Video video editing
* Drag and drop
* Play, pause, stop
* View screen captures
* Automatic updating
* Video bookmarks
* Full-screen mode
* Multi-track tagging
* Embed video to other applications
* Separate video and audio tracks
* Create and play your own video trailers
* Multiple video files
* Get information about your files
* Video names
* Video description
* Video format
* Video codec
* Video quality
* Meta data
* Video size
* Video duration
* Audio tracks
* Samples
* Audio format
* Audio codec
* Audio quality
* Audio bit rate

Vee-Hive Crack Full Version

Organize Your Media
One of the first things you want to do when starting your collection is to be able to add all the information that comes along with the files to your computer. Vee-Hive Crack Keygen combines those different attributes and lets you group them into your library in a way that makes the most sense for you. With a library, you can store and categorize all your multimedia items in a very organized way.
You can drag and drop music and movies to your library. Information about the file, like a description, is added automatically and ordered chronologically. Your library has tabs for a list of artists, albums, movies, TV episodes, music videos, etc. and a tab for the synopsis of the file along with the chapter titles. You can create multiple libraries and have your computer save the different collections you work on in the background and when you return, all the libraries are opened up at once. Vee-Hive Crack For Windows keeps track of the music and video collections you have created, remembers the folders you have created, and even has bookmark and shortcut capabilities.
There is much more to Vee-Hive Torrent Download. The program has a file manager as well as a playlist that allows you to mix and match any song in your library or playlist. You can also create and edit thumbnails of any item. Add and remove new items to your library at any time and enjoy the unlimited editing. In addition, you can add notes and tags and attach pictures to your files. The application can also run in a TV-Out mode, so you can watch videos on your TV or monitor while you continue working on your computer.

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Vee-Hive (Final 2022)

Vee-Hive is a powerful and efficient software that allows you to organize your images, video, audio, and other files into different libraries, watch them in different ways, as well as instantly search and find them using a plethora of features.

The software enables you to find any file you are looking for, set search parameters (e.g. date, size, type, etc.) and enjoy the result.
The program allows you to change settings, launch actions, include filters, as well as apply customized presets depending on your needs.
Your images, audio, video, and other files can be automatically divided into folders and organized into libraries, creating collections on your hard drive.
You can choose from various organizing methods, use commands, as well as create multiple libraries for better management.
Moreover, you can view your images, video, audio, and other files in a storyboard, set playlists, and view item details.
During our test, we noted the program wasn’t equipped with any errors or other inconveniences, and ran in a clean environment.
You can also switch to a full screen mode, adjust the volume, as well as add notes to items.
Other features include the ability to record videos, switch between quality settings, update settings, and extract thumbnails from your images, video, audio, and other files.
We didn’t notice any errors or other inconveniences while running the program.
In addition, you can add external applications for performing different actions with your files.
Furthermore, you can embed external applications into Vee-Hive, which allows you to run them in an independent window.
Last but not least, you can add new libraries from your hard drive.

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If you don’t

What’s New in the Vee-Hive?

Manage all your media collections, Vee-Hive: at once
Organize your files in folders
Play media with a single click
Find duplicates among all your media, share with social networks
Perform fast searches by file size, date, format, duration, bitrate, resolution and more
Keep your videos organized in a neat list
Start, pause, play or stop any video thanks to the smart timeline
Apply multiple tags to your files
You’re not alone, Vee-Hive keeps track of your multimedia
Vee-Hive Prices:

And still on its own computer, or on network computers?

All Vee-Hive programs can be installed both on-site and over the Internet.

But can a stand-alone application compete with dedicated software for a network media center?

To be honest, this is a question that doesn’t have a definitive answer.

From our experience, it’s true that Vee-Hive performs better, and is the smartest among other tools available on the market. Moreover, it has less glitches and bugs than network multimedia centers, and it also reduces the strain on the computer.

But if we talk about a general convenience, a centralized multimedia library comes out as a better option.

Many users feel more convenient using network multimedia centers that make it possible to put their entire music, video, photo, and PDF collection in a single place.

On the other hand, Vee-Hive is much lighter and less demanding than a typical network media center, which in turn makes it more flexible.

Due to the fact that it can be installed on a single computer, it is the right choice when you’re the only one handling your multimedia collection.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the performance of Vee-Hive may be negatively impacted by the usage of a local library.

Unlike many other software solutions available on the market, Vee-Hive works with only one library at a time.

Thus, it doesn’t look like a stand-alone application will perform worse than an integrated software.

Here are a few things that can improve your experience with the program:

● Ensure that you upgrade the software to the latest version: As we mentioned earlier, the performance and usability of the program are constantly being improved.

You may want to make sure that you keep up with the latest developments by installing the new version

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: Core 2 Duo / Core 2 Quad / Phenom X3
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS or ATI Radeon HD 2600 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
Editor’s Note: We had the chance to work with the new level editor, so this preview might have a slightly different look than the final game

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