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VST plugins are synthesizer plugins that offer you a wide variety of tools to enhance your sound. While being a synthesizer, they can also be used in all sorts of DAWs, like Cubase, Sonar and Reaper.
With Urban Nexus, we offer the Ultimate Power Warming System. With 32 harmonics to play around with, you can enhance your sound in all sorts of ways.
Combining the unique filter, amp, ADSR and power warping system of Urban Nexus, you will finally be able to shape the sound of your instrument however you like.
We highly recommend using a dedicated synthesizer instead of using it in conjunction with a guitar. On the other hand, we cannot prohibit the use of it in conjunction with a drum machine or even a MIDI keyboard if that’s what you prefer to use for the output.

Feature List

Chord-based, additive synthesis
Fully automated and easy to use
Six different oscillators
An audio filter, amplifier and ADSR
Several envelope settings, including HPF and LPF

The Pitch, Key and Mod can be controlled individually

Urban Nexus provides you with a huge library of sounds

What’s New


Fixed: Several crash and startup issues.


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Soundboard Q&A

I use a 2010 rai DR750. I am from South Africa and it does the job really well.
How will Urban Nexus work with my DR750? I am looking forward to hearing the new sounds that Urban Nexus brings to the table.
Will Urban Nexus work in Rea?
Thank you for your answer in advance.

Verified account @Gesla @PioPioAugust 25, 2016

Hello, I am using an old vintage Yamaha PSR840 via digital input. I have no digital out from the yamaha. Would it be possible to make a use of that yamaha via the plugin? or would it be better to buy a new analogue input card?

you can create a patch for your synth using urban nexus and send it to the module (import the soundbank)
Or you can use the input gain controls of the plugin to control the module

Urban Nexus [Updated]

‘Advanced Tape Compression’
This feature allows you to affect the ‘tone’ of your sounds in many ways, but they all originate from the same source. This setting affects the amount of data in a sample (or the relative loudness of different frequencies within a sample). By increasing or decreasing the amount of data present in a sample, the sound will become ‘compressed’ or ‘expanded’. Sounds that have been compressed will lose their high frequencies and sound ‘darker’. Sounds that have been expanded will sound brighter with higher frequencies.
‘Attack’ controls the amount of sound that is generated when a key is pressed. By reducing the attack time, the sustain volume will be increased and sound becomes ‘richer’.
‘Decay’ controls the length of time that a note is held before being released. By decreasing the decay time, the sustain volume will be increased and sound will decay more quickly.
‘Sustain’ controls the maximum volume of sound that a note can sustain. By decreasing the sustain time, sound will begin to fade after the note is released and decay more quickly.
‘Release’ controls how much time a note takes to decay completely after being released. By decreasing the release time, the sustain volume will be increased and sound will decay more slowly.
‘Rate’ controls the number of notes per second and can be altered using the WYRMSPEED system.
This system allows you to speed up or slow down the notes being played using the mouse wheel.
‘Repitch’ is useful if you wish to re-arrange the notes that have been played.
‘Mix’ is useful if you want to create something different by combining two or more sampled sound.
‘Rot’ is useful if you want to re-arrange the note being played in a different key.
‘Mix’ is useful if you want to create something different by combining two or more sampled sound.
‘Rot’ is useful if you want to re-arrange the note being played in a different key.
‘Mix’ is useful if you want to create something different by combining two or more sampled sound.
‘Rot’ is useful if you want to re-arrange the note being played in a different key.
‘Mix’ is useful if you want to create something different by combining two or more sampled sound.
‘Rot’ is useful if you want to re-arrange the note being played in a different key.


Urban Nexus Crack+ Free Download

– 32 harmonics and a power warping system
– AD/DA envelopes
– 32 presets and 2 user levels
– ADSR, LFO, PWM and control over the filters, amps, and amps
– MIDI in and out
– 8 channel audio
– 8 x 8 pads (3 x 48)
– Wavetable synth with linear interpolation
– 8 x oscillator waveforms: saw, sine, square, triangle, sine osc, pulse, noise, r-wave, noise2, and random waves
– 8 LFOs
– 16-step envelopes
– 16-step filters
– Analog delay
– All envelopes, filters, amp, and delays have delay time control
– 24Bit/48K sample rate
– Standalone installation for Windows and macOS

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What’s New in the?

Urban Nexus is a VST synthesizer plugin that offers you the use of 32 harmonics and a power warping system to create unique sounds.

Since the plugin focuses on giving you the freedom to shape the synthesized sounds as you wish, Urban Nexus’s ADSR filter and amp can be freely drawn using your mouse.


32 harmonics

Graphic ADSR filter and amp.

Power warping

Multi-tap delay.


Recursive delay.

Delay and feedback.

Harmonic distortion.

Professional look and feel.

Retriggering the metro note.

Advanced parameter settings.

Mobile devices support.

Inner features:

32 harmonics

The “32 harmonics” of Urban Nexus is similar to the amount of harmonics in a normal guitar. You can switch between 32 harmonics and 16 harmonics by simply changing the value of the “Number of harmonics” parameter.

The “Number of harmonics” parameter can be set to 32 or 16 for the standard harmonic sound. In addition, there is a special sound called “Shimmer” that can also be triggered by the “Number of harmonics” parameter.

This is because each of the 32 harmonics in the “Shimmer” sound and the 16 harmonics sound in the standard mode, the “Shimmer” sound and the “Standard” sound share the same amount of harmonics.

Retriggering Metro note

Metro note is a special note used by the Spanish guitar which is a special rhythm. Its pitch is set to “F” which is always played when there is a chord change.

The metro note is usually played on the fifth string of the Spanish guitar.

With the metro note, the “Inner sound” parameter of Urban Nexus has been divided into three parts:

Metro Note

Metro Note+

Metro Note+

The “Metro Note” parameter is for this metro note. While the “Metro Note+” parameter is for the other metro notes. The metro notes are as follows:

The “Inner sound” parameter has a special function. You can even retrigger the “Metro Note” parameter while there is a chord change.


There are two different ways of patching. The “Standard” patch and the “Harmonics” patch.

Standard patch

The “Standard” patch is for the standard mode. In addition, this patch will play the harmonics of each note.

Harmonics patch

The “Harmonics” patch is for the

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz (or better)
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: 3D Ready Graphics Card
Video: ATI HD 5770, NVIDIA GTX 470 or better
How to Download:
Use the link below to download the game free. You must register on our website to download the game for free.
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