Twins Of The Pasture Free Download [2021] [full Version]

Twins Of The Pasture Free Download [2021] [full Version]

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Twins Of The Pasture Free Download [full Version]

the third and final cycle of your sign sagittarius natal moon brings the opportunity to self-reflect in early 2022. taking stock of what you’ve gained and what you still need to work on will take a focus. desire mars in your third house of changes and endings from may 10 to october 28 will instill you with drive to complete objectives and move toward your goal. your ruler mercury, the messenger of the gods, will join with pluto in your house of partnerships and agreements on october 28 and rule your house of home improvements and renovations until july 9. this could be a year for clearing out your old house to create the space you need to renovate, expand, and maintain your dream home. but you may first have to get over your fear of moving. finally, the challenging north node and partner-related nodes, chiron and libra, will rise into your critical eighth house of career from december 20 to march 26, 2022. watch out for the higher-level counsel you will need to follow these dreams, but stick with them.

what an amazing year you have ahead of you! let’s look at your powerful sun, moon, and rising all on the same page. what can you do to harness their power and turn it toward your best interests? find a mentor, join the local service club, begin online dating, or join a church community. a rural or suburban home is best for you. but even if you live in the city, it’s okay to be a homemaker. your tastes may range from modest to opulent, but your significant others may love rustic or modern. after all, it’s your home, too. so run through our dream wish list and get busy! what’s yours?

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