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Enjoy a wide variety of TV show icons that will allow you to create customized desktop covers that will give a pleasant atmosphere in your PC. The icons are designed in a variety of sizes that will help you in the creation of custom covers for your desktops, as well as for your folders and files.
The full set of over 120 show icons that make up the TV Show Icon Pack 10 includes:

Sketch Pack 8 is an elegant collection of icons that has been designed to help you enhance your mobile device with a fresh look. It includes icons that were inspired by a variety of well-known sketch animations, including:- The Stranger (the popular comedy series by David Lynch),- Seasons (the sketch comedy series by Jordan Peele),- The Big Bang Theory (the popular sitcom by Chuck Lorre),- Sherlock (the popular series by Steven Moffat), and- Ricky Gervais (the popular comedy actor).
The icons that make up the Sketch Pack 8 have been carefully designed and produced in a variety of sizes, so you will be able to use them in different ways when creating covers for your phone or tablet, or for your folders and files.
The full set of over 85 icons that make up the Sketch Pack 8 includes:- Heroes (the sketch comedy series by Chuck Lorre),- The League (the sketch comedy series by Spike Lee),- Zootopia (the popular animated film by Walt Disney Studios),- The Office (the popular sitcom by Greg Daniels and Mike Schur),- The Big Bang Theory (the popular sitcom by Chuck Lorre),- HBO (the popular network by Time Warner),- Steven Soderbergh (the popular director),- The Good Place (the popular sitcom by Michael Schur),- Mindy Kaling (the popular actress),- Spongebob Squarepants (the popular cartoon by Nickelodeon),- Ricky Gervais (the popular comedian),- The Simpsons (the popular cartoon by Matt Groening),- Jimmy Kimmel (the popular talk show host),- Jeffrey Katzenberg (the famous movie producer),- The Big Bang Theory (the popular sitcom by Chuck Lorre),- David Lynch (the popular director),- David Cross (the popular actor),- David Letterman (the famous talk show host),- David Spade (the popular comedian),- Brian Grazer (the famous movie producer),- Chuck Lorre (the famous writer and producer),- Judd Apatow (the famous writer and producer),- Jon Hamm (the famous actor 0cd6e936a3

Create audio CD from your MP3 music
Create and burn audio CD with your MP3 music, send them to friends. You can put any music files you have in the CD-recorder and create a quality audio CD with 3D menus. You can choose the kind of disc type: data, multimedia and a real CD. Create an audio CD with any music files (MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, MPC, etc.).
Burn audio CD from MP3-files with advanced multi-track and multi-layer edit options. Now, you can create an audio CD from your MP3-music in 1-4 simultaneous tracks and several audio layers. You can add any file as a background to any audio layer. During the CD-recording process, you can add any text or background image to the CD-menu or file. It’s a feature that is not found on other CD-burning softwares. You can add CD cover, song list or other text files to the CD-menu. CD cover file can be a jpg, bmp, gif, tif, png, pcx, pcdf, pgm, and other image files. You can add any jpg, png, pcx, pcdf, or other image file to the CD-menu.
Audio CD-recorder features:
1. CD-recorder supports various input audio formats (MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, MPC, etc.), including CD-96, CD-audio and CD-DA.
2. The audio CD-recorder can automatically burn a music CD. During the CD-recording process, the CD-recorder will automatically add a menu file (menu.mp3) to the CD-cover and CD-root file (game.mp3). This feature is very easy and convenient for you.
3. You can create an audio CD with any number of input files. During the CD-recording process, you can create a multi-layer audio CD. Add more MP3-files as layers to the same CD-recorder so that each MP3-file can have its own audio layer.
4. When you are done burning audio CD, you can directly burn a CD. A CD-recorder can automatically add a menu file (menu.mp3) to the CD-root file (game.mp3). You can add any text files to this menu file.

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