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The Fine History of the Infamous FROSÉ

You may or may not have heard of this spectacular frozen cocktail, but being one of the first to develop, package, and distribute this delicious beverage, we feel obligated to educate you on it. Introducing the cross between rose wine and ice cubes…the FROSÉ. It’s not entirely known as to who was the first to invent the Frosé, but it’s widely known that it was made popular at Bar Primi in the summer of 2016, located in the East Village. The general manager, Justin Sievers, decided to create the viral drink with pink wine, strawberries, and vermouth when it first debuted in the big apple. As soon as it debuted, the original post from bar Primi ended up going viral in the frozen drink world with hundreds of thousands of likes, views, and over 50,000 shares. With its sweet succulent flavor, frozen to the perfect frozen temperature, this frozen cocktail is sure to get you going! At Cool Breeze Beverages, located in central Florida, we provide the best make-it-at-home Frosé mix there is, hands down! Ask us about our infamous Frosé recipe, we’ve created a few dozen variations, and we don’t mind sharing! Just ask our thousands of clients worldwide how much they love our best seller; we guarantee you’re in for a treat!