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+ Immediate translation of your instant messages (speech engine)
+ Automatically translates whole sentences
+ Translate slang/jargon
+ Both users need to have installed IM-Translate before starting an Instant Message session
IM-Translate Features:
+ Supports the most popular instant messengers
+ Supports AIM, Skype, Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, ICQ, AOL, MySpace and Jabber
+ Supports English, French, Spanish and German
+ Supports all sorts of instant messages
+ Supports both sender and receiver
IM-Translate have a clean and light weight feel to it.
Click on the link below for more information:

This is an IM client for instant messaging for Win32. It is written in C++ using the open source messenger library, M:CompuServe.NET. A port to Windows CE is in the works.

It is primarily written for the CPAN Instant Messenger client. It is also a general purpose IM client for Win32.

Conversation threads, conversations, automatic reading and closing of messages, and folder-based searching are all supported. It can also do one-to-one, group, and multi-group chat.

Instant-message is a first-class citizen, with IM clients being able to integrate it.

Instant-message includes a full HTML parser that can handle HTML (XHTML) and URL links. It also includes an auto-login script that automatically logs the user in to a web site or application when instant-messaging.

Instant-message also comes with a Web browser and a simple HTML (XHTML) editor. Users can use these to create/manage an account on an IM network or other Web site. The HTML editor is also available as a stand-alone Web browser.

Instant-message comes with a full featured voice-mail and scheduling (now) and multiple identities for each user.

Instant-message is built on instant-message 1.4, which is the same engine as CPAN Instant Messenger and an IM client for Win32 written in C++. It also includes the full instant-messaging database and a parser for Instant-messaging data exchange formats.

Some features are not available yet but they are planned for the near future. IM users will be able to create their own information boxes, for example. You can see the future plans here.

This project was initiated in 384a16bd22

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KeyMACRO is a lightweight, open-source, and free, alternative to GPG (the GNU Privacy Guard) for encrypted communications and file storage. KeyMACRO is a key management application that is used for key storage and management, as well as for decryption. It can be used for encryption, which means that it can encrypt information that is stored on a disk or that is sent through a network. It is used for communication and file transfer, which means that it can be used to encrypt a file or to send it over a network. As a side note, you can also use it to send a message with a friend.
Encryption Tools
GPG is a popular and widely used program for encryption. However, some people are looking for a better option, so they can see the encrypted files at a glance. KeyMACRO is an alternative to GPG, which means that it can be used to encrypt a file or to send it over a network. It works with all operating systems, so you can use it on any computer. Also, it is available as a desktop application, which means that you can use it on your computer. It is also used for data transmission, which means that it can encrypt a file or send it through a network.
Notepad Edit
KeyMACRO is a very useful application that enables you to edit encrypted files. You can work on encrypted files at the same time as they are stored on the hard drive or they are being transmitted through a network. This means that you can edit your files while you are using them. It is mainly used to encrypt files and send them over a network, so you can easily send them over a network and then access them with other people. Some applications can encrypt files, but they can only send them to people that are using the same application. However, when you are using KeyMACRO you can send the files to others who do not use the same application.
KeyMACRO can also be used to encrypt files. This means that you can encrypt files, which can be sent over a network. The encrypted files can then be sent to other people, who do not use the same application. The files can be accessed when they are stored on a hard drive or when they are being sent through a network. You can also use it to send a message with a friend, so you can send a file and a message.
How to use this application
KeyMACRO is a very useful application that is used for encryption.

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