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When you design and build your digital lab, you don’t need to bother about having an actual lab where all the chemicals are sitting around. It’s just as good to have a virtual lab where you can test out your ideas. Irydium Chemistry Lab was designed to help you with that.

In this model, we can find various combination of the chemistries which is very helpful for the engineers as well as the faculty. They can easily understand the mechanism of the reactions and also the changes in the systems. They can also test the amount of reaction which is critical in many applications.

Whats new and updated in v2.3:
• Added numerous new items from the kit which you can use right away
• Now you can buy the materials online from the app store directly
• You can search by name for your components
• The Solubility tab was changed to match the new layout
• The lab also has a detailed Descriptions tab

ABOUT Irydium Chemistry Lab

IrYdium Chemistry Lab is an application designed to help students and those generally passionate about chemistry in having their own digital lab to use and customize.
It displays a user-friendly interface which allows you to easily find your way through its large inventory and tools. It offers you a virtual workbench which you can fill with various Irydium solutions and arrange them any which way you want.
IrYdium Chemistry Lab grants the possibility to use stock solutions, indicators, solids, as well as strong, weak and conjugate acids and bases. All the groups contain a certain number of solutions that you can use and are presented with both chemical and descriptive names. This way, in case ‘1M HF’ doesn’t ring any bells, you can click it in the list and see that it refers to ‘1 Molar Hydrofluoric Acid’.
Adding solutions to the workbench is done by simply dragging them onto the designated area. For each item you add, you get a graphic display of the solution inside the glassware along with it’s chemical formula beneath. Moreover, for each solution, you get information about its state, molarity and species.
Using IrYdium Chemistry Lab you also get to choose from a wide range of glassware such as breakers, Erlenmeyers, graduated cylinders, pipettes, volumetrics, buret and a foam cup. It goes without ce698b3d9e

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