SIEMENS PLM NX CAST 8.5 Online Library ISO Hit

Furthermore, what about the cost of manpower involved in manufacturing the motor? Siemens says that integrating its proven NX technology into its new motors has helped lower the labor cost. The overall impact on labor cost is significant, Caroff maintains. The costs for developing and testing the motors to ISO-13032 is now essentially zero, even if you havent accounted for the educational costs at the University or college level.

An important step in Siemens plans was the delivery of the first configuration ready-to-use NEMA Premium motors to the new product line in June 2011, which prompted a near instantaneous comparison with competing AC induction motors, Mubeen says. There has been an almost universal reception of Siemens new NEMA Premium motors, he asserts. Out of the box, the motors are more efficient, reliable, and easy to use than competing motors.

The benefits of NEMA Premium motors also include a shorter design cycle, reduced lead times, and lower tooling costs, Caroff maintains. Siemens says it took four people about 15 months to put together the new motors. Other competitors need at least three times that amount of time.

Many users including Caroff have not really been looking at the total cost of ownership, especially the energy cost, Tagente asserts. Siemens doesnt want to sell the motors solely on the basis of the energy savings. Its more effective to sell the overall value of the motors than just say youll give me a cut of the savings by which you hope to sell, Tagente notes.

One of the other factors that decide the final price of the motors is the competitons standard off-the-shelf price, he adds. This has changed the initial reaction of users. They dont take that into account at all. Siemens was looking to get the motors into peoples hands and thats a first.

Siemens ELCN® and IMUSMAN® products are used in a wide range of industries across the world. As the ELCN® trademark is well known for its industry-leading thermal performance, Siemens ELCN®and IMUSMAN® products are used by many industries that seek a low cost of operation. If you are not sure of what is available, you are not alone. Hence, the ISO is, “here to help”. Its specially appointed committee, “the Open Parametric Standardization Committee” monitors activities in the IEEE working group with the aim of improving ISO standards and promoting the activities of its members.
With NEMA Premium motors, Siemens says the Siemens PLM NX CAST 8.5 system can fabricate 50 percent more than competing open-source software options using time-saving parallel non-critical-path applications.
Other major benefits include a payback of just six to eight months, on average, compared to Siemens current build times for NEMA Premium motors. Also, Siemens gets a significant benefit from the shared user community and can share pricing with its channel partners.
The Siemens PLM NX CAST 8.5 system allows the company to maximize its return on investment on the system by using it to do more. The same software can support robotics, sensors and power distribution.
For example, a co-manufacturing company, working with Siemens and Dassault in the automotive sector, is now able to use NX and Simscape to model all major components of the power plant as one product.
Other benefits include NX Design Review 4.0, CAPE 3.0 and Cyberworks 6.0, with opportunities to take advantage of the NX platform in the areas of IoT, SMAS and BOM (bill of materials) solutions, Siemens says.

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