RIOT: Civil Unrest Torrent ##BEST##

RIOT: Civil Unrest Torrent ##BEST##

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RIOT: Civil Unrest Torrent

in the year 2031, the planet earth is under threat from a meteor storm that will soon destroy the surface. the entire human population has been forced into a domed city, where more than 80% of the population is now housed. the few who remain outside have to live in a lawless, warring environment, where survival is not guaranteed. the city, named new ark, is protected by a massive electronic barrier surrounding the dome. a network of tunnels and other underground facilities also serve as shelters for the population. however, the city has never been tested, and the side effects of long-term confinement and radiation poisoning are not known. the situation is now reversed from the original premise of the game: the surface is now occupied by the people from the dome, who live in a lawless environment, and the underground is now home to the people who live in a protected environment. how will the two sides co-exist? what will the effects of this conflict be on the whole human race? feel the tension! feel the suspense!riot: civil unrest is a complex strategy game that places you in the role of a scientist from the surface who has to explore and unlock the secrets of the underground.

y’all better be ready to work for your man, you don’t know where you’re at, this here is the world of la, yes, the real worldwhere you can see your neighbors but they don’t see youand you know they all wearin’ the same clothes and they all from the same placebut they don’t know what the world of la really is.the world of la by lauryn hill, from the album, the miseducation of lauryn hill, 1998

the call for justice went out in the streets. unfortunately, it was treated as another opportunity to score drugs. for two nights, south central los angeles erupted in flames. fires broke out in over a dozen buildings, spreading and growing until they reached the heart of the city. in less than 48 hours, more than 55 people were dead, 1,000 people were injured, and more than $1 billion worth of property was destroyed.
there was no media coverage of the riots and almost no reporting of them in the mainstream press. south central was a black neighborhood, and the only coverage was from white journalists. the urban decay and poverty of south central was richly documented by the artists. but most news reports ignored south central and focused on the suburb of palmdale to the west, which was apparently the epicenter of the riots.
a week before, on april 28, the new york times had run a story about the los angeles riots. it was about the failures of the police and the limited ability of the national guard to deal with the riots. it came out five days after it was written and a week before the story of the riots was to air on television.
release: 2018 developer: snail games os: windows processor: intel core i5 2.3 ghz graphics: nvidia geforce gtx 970 (windows 10 support) memory: 8 gb ram storage: 46 gb available space steam reviews: mixed (1,008) 59% of the 1,008 user reviews for this game are positive. version: beta

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