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Elder Scrolls Online is the free-to-play MMO version of The Elder Scrolls series, available worldwide on PC/Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players from all over the world can join forces with thousands of other players to journey through the entire breadth of Tamriel, the land of multiple choice and endless opportunity.

Why Play with Us?

A multitude of choices, without pressure to decide between them, allow you to create your very own Elder Scrolls hero and pursue your ambitions.

Our Free Trial

Earn all the in-game advantages that come with playing without paying a dime.

Community first approach to MMORPGs

Seamless social interaction and world living with hundreds of thousands of other players, complete with their own stories, friends, guilds, and comradery!

Play however you want

A true multiplayer game, players choose their own style of play.

Faction driven content

Players can join up with a guild and battle together for items, experience and glory.

Upgrade your character any way you like

Hundreds of unique upgrades and thousands of skills. Choose which abilities you use and how you equip them to help you achieve your greatest potential!

Defeat the powerful

Challenge unique bosses and take down the most dangerous beasts.

Become an Elder Scrolls Online Premium Account

For an additional monthly fee, you can enjoy a variety of premium benefits:

▪ Additional Skill Tabs

▪ Skill Points

▪ Crafting Materials

▪ Loot Boxes

▪ Premium Guilds

▪ Seasonal Events

▪ Exclusive Weapons

▪ Class Sets

▪ Black Market Currency (Prophecies, Crafting Materials, Skill Scrolls)

▪ Reduced Recruitment Fee

▪ Various other micro-transactions

▪ No advertisements.

Tarnished Prince – Adventurer

Play as Ysera, a character who starts life without any apparent powers, only gaining them through her own mistakes. As she learns, she grows in strength, becoming the strongest warrior the world has ever known.

Rise, Tarnished

Your character can grow in strength as well as in power.

Become a powerful leader of the Elden Ring as you wield the power of the unified Ebonheart Pact.

In addition to the Elder Scrolls Online Game, we also have


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Variety of Attacks and Future Implications
  • Play with Friends
  • Travel to the Lands Between
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Two-Player Co-op Gameplay
  • An Epic Story Detailed Through Fragments
  • Unlocks Let You Acquire Strength
  • Player versus Player Modes
  • Full Note:

    • Limited quantities of Norn Stones are included and require an in-game purchase. They will remain in service until May 21, 2017. After that date, they will become relic items that serve only to enhance your current Norse Staff or Sword.
    • Usage of the Norn Stones requires an internet connection. The processing time will differ depending on the internet speed and the game version.
    • Content from previous content updates are included in the update. You may want to install the update while playing Ragnarok Odyssey to continue enjoying the game.
    • We recommend updating your language to English after installing the update. It is a huge update. There may be problems if you install before updating.
    • Copyright of this product and Namco is held by Sega Holdings, Inc.

    Play the game, and grow your battle power!


    One of the world’s largest console games, we revealed through iteration the newly completed battle system that lets the player become unstoppable using the strengths of all the heroes.


    An epic single-player campaign lets you discover the story behind Samurai Shodown from the very beginning, and a new “Elysium Mode” approach with online gameplay lets you easily enjoy the global communication of other players, as well as play an online co-op match at any time.



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    After randomly earning the title “Elden Ring” in a strange land far beyond the Lands Between, you establish your base of operations in the mystical and foreboding realm of the Elden Ring. Everything you need to do this is provided in the Land of Memories.

    As the representative of the Elden Ring, you will go on an adventure to unveil the secrets of the mysterious Lands Between. With the power of “Tarnished”s, you will be able to beat anything that stands in your way, and you will even receive support from one of the long-lost heroes of the World of Memories. By mastering the Tarnished and enhancing your own skills, you will be able to overcome your opponents in battle and gain the strength needed to become an Elden Lord.
    A Vast World Full of Excitement.
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    The Lands Between is a vast place that is full of wide-open plains, twisted forests, and even broken lava. There are many locations to explore and many unusual items to collect. The landscape varies from valley to mountaintop, allowing for a variety of different compositions.

    A vast world with many dungeons.
    While exploring the Lands Between, you will be able to find many dungeons scattered around the world. As you progress, the dungeons will become more fearsome and difficult, requiring you to develop your skills and skills to overcome them.

    A vast world with a variety of enemy types and deeper dungeons.
    The Lands Between is home to many different types of dangerous enemies, including slow ghosts, powerful shadows, and a colorful assortment of monsters. However, there are also zones that are full of relatively peaceful environments, and as you advance, you will be able to find a variety of different dungeons that offer a different experience.

    The Lands Between teems with striking scenery.
    In the Lands Between, you will be able to see stunning landscapes and strange shapes. There are the ruins of a long-lost civilization, beautiful glistening lakes, and even a large sea. There are also many places where you can rest or train, and the more you explore and travel, the more there is to see!
    You will be able to see many places that are familiar to you, and you will be able to visit the World of Memories.
    You will be able to see a desert area,


    What’s new in Elden Ring:



    • Intimate Story of the Lands Between
      The story is mainly told in fragments, and to most, it is only a story of the Lands Between. The story is a drama in which your character comes to the middle of a grand conflict, and many dreams and thoughts are left in the Lands Between. The story is told in three parts. The first part involves the main character discovering the Laws of Fantasy and recklessly setting out on an adventure. In the second part, the main character uses the gained wisdom and experience, gathers allies, and travels farther to become an Elden Lord. Finally in the third part, the main character enters the dark and mysterious world of the Myth and finally comes to understand the Laws of Fantasy. It has a grand and the most beautiful narrative.
    • Collective Freedom to Create a Diversified Adventure
      The kind of adventure you want to create depends on the spirit of the character that you create and the ability to master 3 skills. There is a diversity of types of adventure that you can create, with elements such as stealth, a fight for survival, and victory. You can freely decide the kind of adventure, and can thus enjoy the adventure of your dreams.
    • Fabulous Battles, Magical Elements
      Your character has various battle tactics that makes you come to an unexpected place, such as gathering some allies, using ad-hoc and the use of a psionic ability and betraying an enemy to unleash your weapon resources at once. There are 2 types of battles, and depending on which type you choose, you can enjoy the battlefield while adjusting to the tactical advantages of the enemy. Besides, the world of the Lands Between is full of magical elementals, and in battle, you can use a powerful magic. Expect surprises even during the battle.

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