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Raman Raghav 2.0 Tamil Dubbed Movie Torrent


The spy thriller movie is set in the backdrop of the 1965–1966 Indira Gandhi — Sanjay Gandhi assassination.


The film begins with a singer who sings a song named “Raman Raman”. The movie flashbacks of police officer Raman Raghav (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who is convinced that his wife Indu (played by Amruta Subhash) is having an affair with Raghav’s criminal brother-in-law Gaitonde (played by Vicky Kaushal). He kills Gaitonde and takes Indu back to his house. However, there is evidence that Indu committed the murder. Police suspect Indu and her maid and bring her in for questioning. They ask her about the time of the murder but she denies it. Raghav denies any knowledge of the murder.

Raghav takes Indu and her maid to the police station to submit her fingerprint. She is being taken to the interrogation room. Her maid looks at Raghav and asks if they are okay. He replies that she is with an older man. She then smirks. The police officers then question her. They show her the fingerprint evidence and tell her she has to confess. She asks the police officers to provide her with a divorce. One of the officers tells her that it is of no use. When she asks why, he gives her a letter which is addressed to Raghav. She says they are all fakes, but Raghav trusts them. The officers tell her that they are talking to her instead of Raghav. They have proof that he is behind her arrest.

Indu is taken back to Raghav’s house. Raghav questions her about Gaitonde and she tells him that Gaitonde was threatening her, demanding money from her. She never thought that he could kill Gaitonde in front of her. She then tells him to get the jewellery Gaitonde was wearing in his house. Raghav gets the jewellery and asks her to clean the bathroom. He asks her not to tell Gaitonde about this. They hear footsteps and Gaitonde comes and sees Raghav cleaning Indu’s fingerprint from the bathroom door. He slaps Indu and asks her about the jewellery. Raghav replies that he is still clean. Gaitonde tells Raghav to be careful. Raghav tells Indu to go back to her room. He then takes a bath


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In the year 2047, before the law can come in, Raman, a psychopathic serial killer, is active and terrorizes Mumbai. His motive: to save the city from criminals and political manipulators. Raman Raghav 2.0. 2016 Hindi full movie.
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