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Pictures are widely used today for various purposes, from storing important information to entertainment. The accompanying sharp increase in picture formats has also led to more graphics editors, converters and other similar multimedia tools.
Resize single or multiple pictures with one command
While many developers have opted for a comprehensive, all inclusive-approach, others have sought to focus on simple, but essential tasks that are commonly needed when dealing with images. QuickResizer is just such a tool that offers a powerful solution for resizing issues. The application is highly intuitive and new users will not waste any time with browsing complicated menus or perusing ample manuals.
Indeed, one can say the program is exquisitely built for efficiency and high productivity. There are several factors that contribute to this situation. First of all, the interface, as already mentioned is streamlined for a great user experience. The program features only one window, where all the core functions are accessible to users via radio and standard buttons.
Process most common formats, including PNG images
A second noteworthy feature is the ability to batch process multiple images. There are two options available: entire folders or individual files. It should be noted, however, that the latter option does not exclude loading multiple documents with a single operation. It does, however, allow users to process documents selectively, which is a great function!
The application can load most common graphics documents, including JPGs, BMPs and PNGs and the output files follow the same pattern. There are two options for resizing documents, either by percentage or by a fixed size, case in which users have to specify the desired final width and height.
The utility allows users to resize single or multiple images in most common formats
All things considered, QuickResizer is a good tool for all users with ample graphics libraries who need a program to resize files.







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The very latest version of Adobe Flash Player is now available. Adobe Flash is a runtime environment for ActionScript, an application development language. ActionScript provides more capabilities than other scripting languages, such as Java, which are used on the World Wide Web.
This release of Flash Player provides an improved user interface. For example, Flash now has its own taskbar to organize Flash applications, and a new font viewer is available to help people get more control over the look of Flash content. Flash Player 11.1 includes a new full-screen mode for playing Flash content. Users will also find new features for designing Flash content, and improvements in playback performance.
[*] Improved Taskbar
The Flash Player now has its own taskbar. The new taskbar allows users to organize Flash applications, and you can organize Flash applications on your desktop by moving them to the new taskbar.
[*] Font Viewer
You can now get more control over the look of Flash content. In Flash Player 11.1, you can find a new font viewer to help you choose and apply a font to the content. You can also customize how text is displayed on the stage, including using special effects such as automatic wrapping or anti-aliasing.
[*] Full-Screen Mode
The full-screen mode allows you to play Flash content in full-screen mode on your computer. For example, you can launch a Flash video player in full-screen mode to watch a movie without interference from other applications. Flash Player now also supports the latest web video standards and can play standard web video formats such as MP4.
[*] Custom Design Options
Flash Player now supports new features for designing Flash content. You can now create Flash applications that respond to hardware touch events, and use the new tag editor to apply special effects to your content. In addition, you can use the new content search engine to find, play, and add content to your applications.
[*] Improvements for Playback Performance
The Flash Player now provides an improved user interface to help people navigate Flash content more efficiently. Flash Player now supports Flash File Stream Mode to quickly start playback of content in an existing window. Also, Flash Player is faster at loading content in a new window because it downloads content one content file at a time instead of downloading a large number of files at once. In addition, you can now improve the playback performance of Flash content by reducing the number of sound channels used by Flash.
Please visit the Adobe Flash Player homepage to download Flash Player.
Chromium is Google’s open-source browser project and is the technology behind Google’s Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome and Chromium.
This release of Chromium introduces and fixes a total of 41 bugs and vulnerabilities.
[*] Important updates to improve compatibility with Google’s products and services
The most notable update includes one that removes the automatic use of Google’s DNS service by the new

System Requirements For QuickResizer:

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 Processor:
Dual core processor or better
Dual core processor or better Memory:
2 GB RAM Graphics:
DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
DirectX 9.0 compatible video card Hard Drive:
1.5 GB available space
1.5 GB available space Network:
Broadband Internet connection
Broadband Internet connection Sound Card:
WAV or WAVE files


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