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ESET Log Collector is a free download from ESET’s site. It’s a tool that can gather data and deliver them to ESET’s technical experts. The app works on both Windows and Mac OSX operating systems and it requires no additional software installation. ESET Log Collector is a handy tool that not only improves your security setup, but also helps you to better communicate with the team that troubleshoots your case.
In order to use this application, you will be asked to provide information about your system. For instance, the app will ask for the name and version of the ESET product you use. It will also request information regarding your ESET product configuration (scan rules, HIPS, etc.) and the type of data ESET Log Collector should gather.
The app gathers files that were quarantined in ESET’s product (the same information that ESET’s SafeZone alerts displays) and sends them to ESET’s experts. The users can opt to receive information regarding system components (driver versions, BIOS, system configuration), Web filtering, firewalls, system and network logs and even related events. In addition, ESET’s Sysinspector Logs are also extracted.

ESET SysInspector is an easy-to-use utility that gives you a bird’s eye view of your Windows machine’s most important system settings, tools, applications, security components, firewall, antivirus and other settings. This tool will scan your PC for spyware, and give you a clean bill of health. ESET will detect any problems in your Windows installation, and advise you how to correct these problems.
SysInspector – a tool that shows you how to maintain your Windows PC
SysInspector gathers data regarding Windows itself and shows you what it is responsible for. You can either do a full system scan, a quick scan or even check specific parameters. The application allows you to pick up two of the most important items, and create a report of it all. It’s a useful tool for the technologically minded users who are interested in maintaining their PC.
The program lets you know what programs you have installed and available on your system. These items are separated into categories, depending on the type of the application and its relation to the Windows system. The most frequently used programs are also listed separately.
The system scan offers you a detailed view of your Windows installation, including the registry entries of selected items (files, files, folders, programs, etc.). In addition to eea19f52d2


•     Recalculate the flow duration curves and draw the reach table as well
•     Compute the flow discharges of the dams and calculate the pressure losses on the inflow
•     Calculate the erosion and sedimentation
•     Calculate the suspended sediment loads
•     Calculate the sediment volume flux and the particulate retention
•     Calculate the infiltration of rainwater into the ground
•     Calculate the groundwater level and recover the recharge
•     Calculate the groundwater temperature
•     Calculate the volumetric flow rate
•     Calculate the percolation, the hydraulic conductivity, the
discharge and the cumulative flow
•     Perform flow analysis on the stream, the aquifer and the watershed.
HydroOffice Setup:
•     Quick install of the software
•     Create an account and log in
•     Integration with GIS and the internet
•     Settings and tool configuration
•     Automation
•     Water quality calculations
•     System requirements
•     More detailed description
•     Support
•     Frequently asked questions
•     Tutorial
•     Software license
•     Procedure

▪     Go to the following link
▪     Click on the download link for the correct version
▪     Open the download file to install it

▪     Click on the setup file, and start the installation process
▪     Press the restart button when the installation finishes
▪     If you have a problem in the installation process
▪     Reinstall the software

▪     Log in with your account
▪     Click on the Save button and put the license key
▪     Click on the License button to finish

Now you can use the HydroOffice on all computers
HydroOffice is available on two operating systems:
– Windows 7 (32 bits and 64 bits)
– Mac OS X (10.4 or later versions)

The HydroOffice Interface (iOS)

For iPhone or iPad:

– Start HydroOffice
– Then click on the button to go to the


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