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Simplify inplace alternatives

I’m currently writing a code for a project using in-place methods. This is my first time using such an approach and I’m quite new to C++, so my code could probably be improved. Anyway, here is my question:
Let’s say I want to do a recursive descent search. The basic idea is to search by key and once the key is found, compare its value to a value supplied by the user. If it’s the same, then we’re finished, otherwise we keep searching.
Here is a minimal example of how the method could look:
bool search(T &obj, int key, T defaultValue)
if ( == 0)
return true;
search(obj, key, defaultValue);

As you can see, the only alternative to do this is one function call per iteration.
Is there a way to make this any more concise? If not, is there an alternate in-place method that would be more efficient?


A recursive search can use return to indicate a success or failure of the search. If a key is not present in the object, the call will return immediately and don’t need to perform any operations on the object.
If the default value is there for all keys, you could also use an overload for when you don’t want to do the search.
class T{
bool search(const int key, int defaultValue);
bool search(const int key) const;

bool search(const int key, T1 d1) const { return search(key, d1); }

This implies that you need to have a valid T1 for each search. You could do a constrained template to improve this. Also search can be const if the callers don’t need to modify the object

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