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py2exe has been created to allow Python developers convert they code to an executable file that can be launched even if the system does not have Python installed.
Pre-requisites for using the tool
However, the system that carries out the conversion process needs to be equipped with Python for the application to work. On the other hand, there is no need to install py2exe.
Working with the tool is not a job for the average user but those familiar with the aforementioned programming language should have no problem handling it.
No advanced knowledge is necessary, though; knowing how to run Python programs from the command prompt as well as the basics of the programming language should be quite enough to get the through the process.
Working with the program
Furthermore, the tool includes plenty of samples and resources to learn the ropes. The first step is to create the program or to test it if one is already available. Next comes the creation of the setup script and then it has to be run.
If everything goes well you can proceed to testing the executable file and make sure that it runs smoothly. All the dependencies should be available because the Python interpreter was compiled using Microsoft Visual C, which includes the runtime DLL. Users also must also have this file in order to be able to run the newly created executable.
The success of the operation is determined by Python
Before making plans and relying on this tool make sure that it can function with the version of Python you have installed on the system because it may not work with the latest edition of the product.









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Although the tool exists in the literature, this tool does not seem to be very common. However, it is a very useful resource that allows users to create programs that are portable, so the user does not have to worry about having a Python interpreter installed on the system.
Other tools such as py2app and cx_freeze are also available but the first two of them are for the Android platform, which is not really the same as being portable.
While the py2exe works for Windows and the py2app is specialized for the Apple platform, the cx_freeze for Linux.
To summarize
Although the use of py2exe is not common, it is a very useful tool for programmers who are working on applications for various platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. In the latter two, they need the help of Python to be able to produce their projects in a functional form, which is what the tool is all about.
Read the article: py2exe

Disadvantages of PY2EXE

Does not work with third-party extensions

If the above tool is not suitable for your project then you will need to try other solutions such as cx_freeze and py2app, but you must make sure that they have what you need as well as that they are compatible with your version of Python.

Resources for more information:


In this tutorial, you will learn how to generate an executable from your Python program. This is done using the py2exe module.
The py2exe module allows users to convert a Python program into a standalone executable program.
There is a number of applications for which this module is very useful. The most common one is that you do not have to install Python on your system in order to use it.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an executable file using this module.
It should be noted that before using the tool you need to install the PyInstaller module in your system. This is because the executable file needs to be created using the py2exe module.
The module is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
1. Install Python
Before you can use the tool, you need to install Python on your system. The

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If keymacro is available, the command used to
generate the installer will be


-MsiType = {1 | 2}

Optional. Must be 1 or 2. Set to 1 if you want to create a single MSI file or a multi-part MSI file. Set to 2 if you want to create a
multi-part MSI file.


Before you can use the Windows Installer API, you must first create an
installer package using the
command-line tool
You can use
keymacro to generate a test installer package without actually
executing the
msiexec tool.

For example, the following command calls msiexec.exe and generates an installer package:

You can also use the Windows Installer API to generate an
installer package by calling the
command in


There is no longer an
.NET version of

The following sample uses
ISetupAPI to create a test
installer package.


class Program
static int Main(string[] args)
// create a new package
ISetupAPI package = new SetupAPI.CreateSetupObject();
// create the class
SetupAPI.InstallType install = SetupAPI.InstallType.Upgrade;
// create the component
ISetupAPI component = new SetupAPI.Component();
// initialize the components properties
component.Language = “English”;
component.Description = “Python Example”;
// add the component to the package
// call the API to install the package
// retrieve the exit code
return 0;




keymacro.msi project has been discontinued in favor of a new
app that generates the same or similar
installer using the [AppVeyor
MSI]( project.
You can find detailed instructions for using MSI with

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Python is a high-level, open source programming language. Python is commonly used as a scripting language, especially for Web development, but it can be used for many other purposes as well.
Python offers many data structures and an object-oriented programming language.
Python supports a large number of built-in functions as well as regular expressions. Python is interpreted and allows the use of classes, exceptions, multiple inheritance, nested functions, modules, functions, exceptions and generators.
Python is object-oriented. It offers a syntax similar to the C language, adding enhanced datatypes to it.
Python supports procedural and object-oriented programming. A user can easily switch between the two.
An object-oriented language is better suited to process data, where as procedural languages are better at doing calculations.
Python is usually considered to be the scripting language of the Web.
Python includes an interactive interpreter that allows the user to type in expressions and see the results. It also includes tools for testing and debugging.
Python requires no installation and is completely self-contained.
Python is used in many different areas, from scientific applications to word processing applications.
Python is often associated with the Internet, because it allows Internet programs to be created quickly and easily.
Python is a script-oriented language.
Python is often used to extend existing programs.
Python is an object-oriented language, which means that the functionality is separated into objects, so the code can be reused.
Python is a language in which programs are written to manipulate data.
Python is a high-level language.
Python is a very popular language.
Python is very easy to learn.
Python is object-oriented.
Python is an interpreted language.
Python is strongly typed.

What’s New in the Py2exe?

The program’s main purpose is to allow Python developers compile and compress their program to an executable file, which could be deployed even if the operating system does not have Python installed.

Those familiar with the Python programming language can handle the tool, which includes plenty of examples to help users with the process.

py2exe also includes a wide range of tutorials and documentation, which help to understand the tool’s features.Note: Originally published in July 2017, updated on January 26, 2019, and again on January 31, 2019, following the following links:

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System Requirements For Py2exe:

Windows 7/8, Windows 10
MacOS X El Capitan or later
Intel i5 or later
25 GB of disk space
DirectX 11.0
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