Your business and office become the essential grounds for customers and guests. Why not start with a coffee brand that is a reflection of quality! Here at Cool Breeze our promise is to provide you with 1 of our state of the art machines along with 13 different incomparable coffees that provide the absolute best creamy drinks that are hand selected from the finest 1-2% of the worlds coffee. Below we have provided you with the machine choices along with our 13 best quality coffees that we offer. ​ In addition, we even provide custom tailoring when it comes to any add-ons, for example napkins or lids with your business logo printed on them. We pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop when it comes to a complete beverage experience.



Cups & Saucers

Nespresso Stirrers

Descaling Kit

13 coffee flavors

We have every Nespresso coffee flavor in stock to ensure you provide the best variety possible!

Nespresso Flavors

Nespresso Flavors

  • Espresso Forte
  • Espresso Leggero
  • Lungo Forte
  • Lungo Leggero
  • Ristretto
  • Ristretto Intenso
  • Ristretto Origin India
  • Espresso Origin Brazil
  • Espresso Decaffeinato
  • Lungo Decaffeinato
  • Lungo Origin Guatemala
  • Espresso Caramel
  • Espresso Vanilla

Recycle every capsule

Courtesy of Nespresso, Cool Breeze Beverages will provide you with bags that are used for recycling capsules.

Recycling made easy:
1. We will provide you with black plastic bags with a shipping label already attached
2. Place all used capsules into bag
3. Ship

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