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KeyMacro is a keyboard macro recorder, recording the keys pressed. KeyMacro is especially designed for the keyboard but it can also record mouse clicks and keystrokes, and you can even configure key combinations to record. KeyMacro allows you to record the buttons pressed for as many clicks as you like. So, if you record the “S” key, press it once, and then “P” and “E” you will see the text appear on the screen in your macro. You can click anywhere on the screen or record anywhere on the screen. KeyMacro will run in background, so you can use your computer without any problems. KeyMacro is designed to protect you from Internet attacks. It is designed to be able to record any key on the keyboard. There is no limitation with the number of keystrokes.
*** KeyMacro Features ***
2. Keep what you record, even your clipboard
3. Customize the name of your recording
4. Customize the recording time
5. Customize the number of times you want to record
6. Preserve the scroll bar
7. Log history can be read later and transferred from computer to computer
8. You can record a range of keys from a key combination
9. You can record without pressing a key
10. You can press as many times as you want
11. You can delete the recorded macro
12. Macro can be saved as a text file
13. Macro can be copied and edited
14. Option to assign macro to a hotkey
15. Option to clear the record
16. Option to clear the history
17. Option to merge the several records
18. Option to pause the macro recording
19. Option to clear the current macro recording
20. Option to quit the program
21. Option to use the file as a resource for AutoHotKey
22. Option to download the AutoHotKey_b6 file
23. Option to download the AutoHotKey_b6.h file
24. Option to download the AutoHotKey.lnk file
25. Option to download the AutoHotKey_b6.h file.
*** Some reason why KeyMacro is better than others ***
1. It is super easy to use
2. You can export the recording to many different formats
3. You can record and erase keys easily
4. You can set the number of key d82f892c90

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Create a log file that lists all the files in the current directory or a given directory.
logfile [-v] [-n] [-i] [-c] [-o] [-b] [–] [] []
-v: Verbose, show files with full path
-n: Display the number of files in the current directory
-i: Display the file sizes in the current directory
-c: Display the contents of the files in the current directory
-o: Show the output as a table with one column per file
-b: Display the list in a breadcrumb format
–: Display the list of command-line options
: Directory to use as the current working directory
: Directory to check for files, if there is no -f switch used
logfile -v -c -b
logfile -v -c -b — -f -d “dir1”
logfile -v -c -b — -f -d “dir1” — -f “dir2”
logfile generates a log file in the current directory listing the files
and their sizes. It is a light-weight command-line utility that does not
create any system files or diskspace.
One can specify paths using the * or? characters, since these are
reserved symbols that cannot be used for filenames.
-v, –verbose: Prints the filename and its size
-n, –number: Prints the number of files
-i, –size: Prints the size of each file
-c, –contents: Prints the contents of each file
-b, –breadcrumb:

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