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* _Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Training Kit_
* _Photoshop CS3 Extended All-in-One For Dummies_

# Chapter 8
Lightroom: Creating Great Images with a Comprehensive Library

* * *

# The Benefits of Lightroom

Several years ago, I approached Adobe Photoshop guru, Dave Ogilvie, and asked, “How much have you been using Lightroom?” His answer was, “A lot.” I had been a total Photoshop-only type and came to him via some of Photoshop’s foes, thinking I could maybe get my hands on some of this amazing software that replaced Photoshop. Turns out, I just missed the best alternative.

Back then, I was certainly aware of the benefits of Lightroom and of how it was different from Photoshop and better than most image-editing software on the market. But I had never even used Lightroom until a couple of years ago. (I knew how to use Photoshop, but I never took the time to learn it well.)

Since that time, I have been using Lightroom with some frequency, and I have gotten quite comfortable with it and highly proficient at using it to its fullest potential.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Lightroom is that it organizes and manages all your image files in a central place, allowing you to work on them in a way that is similar to the way you work on all your files. Once you are comfortable working in Lightroom, it becomes easy to move files and folders back and forth as you experiment with a variety of new ideas and techniques.

Unlike Photoshop, where you can only see your images when you open them in a file browser, the images you create in Lightroom are shown in image view. This enables you to see the appearance of the image right from your develop module.

Lightroom allows you to create both RAW and JPEG files, and both types can be stored in the same folder. You can quickly go from one type of file to another depending on the task at hand.

Finally, the menus and sliders that control Lightroom settings are considerably less intimidating than the complex menu and dialog boxes found in Photoshop. This makes it easier for a non-expert to use the software comfortably.

I use Lightroom every day, and I will walk you through a series of workflow (workflow is a process that combines a series of steps, including actions, to achieve a goal) steps, as

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Here’s a side-by-side comparison of features between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Learning Photoshop

Photoshop has a very robust and useful learning curve. Photoshop Elements is very simple to use and for most users, there is no learning curve at all. Elements also has a Live Picture Mode, which quickly helps you to learn how to work with colors and brightness.

Viewing documents

Viewing documents from the Organizer window is quite easy. Images are displayed as thumbnails.

Editing and viewing photos

There are three viewing modes: Zoom, Spot Healing Brush and Quick Selection. You can use these tools to improve a photo with one click. Spot Healing Brush can even restore a photo with a single click.

The Panorama function can be used to stitch several photos into one and does not require a 3-D view. You can choose to keep the separate images and use them as a layered PSD file, or merge all of the separate images into one large image with all of the edits as layers.

Adding layer styles

When you edit images, you add layer styles. This provides an easy way to add layer effects such as a drop shadow, emboss, feather, and a soft blur.

Special layer effects

When editing your photos, you can add special effects that Photoshop Elements uses during image editing. These include titles, frames, borders, glow, 3-D effects, textures and more.

Selection tools

Editing a photo with the selection tools is quite easy. You can select an area of an image or a specific object with the Rectangular and Magic Wand selection tools. The Rectangular tool allows you to crop an image. You can also use the Quick Selection tool to select an area of an image.

Layer properties

You can easily edit the properties of a photo layer to adjust the name, color, and size of the layer. You can drag and drop layers from one area of the canvas to another.


If you want to combine several photos into one, you can use the Photomerge function.

Merge to HDR

You can create a single, high-quality photo from several lower-quality photos using the Merge to HDR function.


You can use the Adjustments panel

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Sets of numbers with ‘K’ as a common element

Suppose we have a set $S=\{1,2,3,\ldots,n\}$.
I wonder whether there are $K$ and $N$ such that $\#_2(K \cup N) = 1$, where $\#_2$ means the number of $2$’s in a set.
If so, I will appreciate an explanation why this is the case.


Yes, there are, but only when $N$ is empty and $K$ is a proper subset of $S$.
Let $S=\{1,2,3,4,\ldots,12\}$.
You can check that $\#_2(S)=2$.
Let $K=\{3,4,\ldots,12\}$.
Then $\#_2(K)=1$ and the only way $\#_2(K\cup N)=1$ is if $N=\varnothing$.

Note: This list is usually posted in the morning, but since I wrote the list so late, I was busy late at night and on the phone with lots of people, so I forgot to add a few things. I am uploading this after work, and will add/edit as new things show up.

*Note: Many of these games are published by the same company, as I couldn’t find all of them. Many of these are console games, which I think are also listed on the Xbox Live Indie Games section. Some might be Mobile/Tablet/Handheld games and/or PC games. This is only a list of Xbox Live Arcade games, so if I miss one, I apologize.

Current List:

Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Zelda: Four Swords

Duke Nukem Forever

Uncharted 2


Mass Effect 2


Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

Sonic Colors


Super Meat Boy

Until Dawn

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Lost Planet 2


James Bond 007


Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Origins

Steel Battalion

Steel Battalion 2

What’s New In?

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The Congolese government and NGO partners say there are now more than 13,000 cases, with 7,319 new confirmed or probable cases in the last two days.

The country’s Ministry of Health reported more than 6,000 cases in the past week and 7,000 new cases since last week’s outbreak update.

“If Ebola continues to spread, the new cases will be higher in the next few days. But we are moving toward reducing the number of new cases,” said Dr. Fatoumata Keita, deputy health minister.

There have been six Ebola deaths so far this year in DRC.

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For that, Israeli was sentenced to six years in prison while the Palestinians were each given 60-year sentences.

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At the time, Kushner, who is Jewish, wrote to the President of his plans to help promote a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians. In his letter to the President, he announced that Israel wanted to extend the land it occupied in 1967 to the West Bank from the current 38% of the area to up to “slightly less than 50%”, which would mean that East Jerusalem would be part of the future Palestinian state.

Kushner also argued that the Palestinians would have to accept the settlement of any future Israeli areas in the West Bank as a condition to receive security and economic benefits.

In his letter, the former real estate developer, who has a degree in business from Wharton, also

System Requirements:

OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel Pentium 4
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Windows graphics card that supports hardware video decoding
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Other Requirements:
To play The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition on your PC you will need to download a free copy of the Video Driver that is provided by NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel. These Video

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