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A secret software that hides in your computer and simply used to protect your privacy, KEYMACRO is a macro recorder and screen recorder. In other words, it’s a tool that lets you record the data you are typing on the keyboard, as well as what is on your screen, making your computer fully controllable.
Essential features of KEYMACRO
The software itself includes a very rich feature set, letting you start recording just by pressing a single button. You have the option to record the keys you’re pressing, as well as the screen. Moreover, you can take snapshots of the recorded screen, leaving no trace of the activity on your computer.
All in all, the software is well organized, with a sleek user interface. It also has the ability to resize the window, which helps you to save a bit of disk space. The latter feature also includes a timer, which lets you see how long you’ve been using the application.
A neat feature of KEYMACRO is the ability to download the keys you’ve recorded, giving you a step further in the privacy zone. You can have your own personal database, which includes not only the keys you’ve pressed, but also the screenshots you took.
How to install KEYMACRO on a Windows computer
This is a simple process, which involves going through the setup wizard, choosing the folder where the software will be installed and setting up some of the more important settings. On a Mac, the process is similar to installing a separate application. It requires XCode, though, so before you proceed, you need to make sure you have it installed on your Mac.
The software is also designed to work on any kind of system, with no need to alter any settings, which means that it’s also compatible with Linux.
All in all, KEYMACRO gives you the flexibility of recording your computer activity, which is great for privacy reasons. However, it also comes with its limitations, which are basically related to the fact that you can only record the activity on your screen.
OTHER MACRO Description:

When it comes to private security, there are basically two important levels you have to take into consideration. On one side, we have people with the ability to access your private information and on the other side, we have people who have the ability to use it for malicious purposes.
Over the years, there have been a wide variety of malware programs designed to spy on you. Some 384a16bd22

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eWriter HTML Compiler is a software for creation of website in HTML. The author has packed an amazing HTML compiler in this tool. This online HTML compiler is also a Web based site which can be used without browser. It will make your website to be public within minutes. With the help of eWriter HTML Compiler you can create different types of website easily.

Review code

What’s new in this version:
* Fixed missing documents in 5.7 and below;
* Now compiler process will be faster and more accurate, thanks to new optimization;
* Fixed bugs.

The main problem with creating websites and portable websites is that your browser needs to always be open, in order to work with the website.
The reason why you need a separate tool is to make the website accessible from anywhere, whether that is a device with the browser, or no browser at all.
While you can use the browser on mobile devices, it will always have to be open, requiring you to have a good Internet connection in order to work.
This is where eWriter HTML Compiler comes in, as it allows you to make an HTML file into a portable website, making it easy to take with you on the go.
eWriter HTML Compiler is so good at what it does that opening the portable website works in the same way that it would when accessed online in a web browser.
Creating both portable websites and full websites has never been this simple and fast.
Protect your Intellectual property efficiently
By default, websites and CHM help files have any real support for security, but the eWriter books do.
This is thanks to the ability to add password protection, as well as the ability to set an expiration date or digitally sign the document.
One thing worth mentioning is that you still need a code signing certificate and a tool to digitally sign the output file.
Compile the website of your dreams with this powerful tool
The UI is simple enough for anyone to get around, making this compiler great for those with no time to spare looking over settings and options.
More so, the security features allow you to protect your work until the document is finally ready to be published on the World Wide Web.
AWinstall Description:
eWriter HTML Compiler is a software for creation of website in HTML. The author has packed an amazing HTML compiler in this tool. This online HTML compiler is also a Web based site which can be used without browser. It will make your website to be public within

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