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Upload and download file to/from remote FTP site using a GUI. KeyMACRO automatically recognizes the Host, User and Password fields of the FTP site and fill them on the fly. KeyMACRO has a queue function that allows you to keep several transfers in progress at the same time and restart them without loosing your place. KeyMACRO is easy to use and supports drag & drop for ftp sites. KeyMACRO also has a full screen mode, a good help screen and a keyboard shortcut feature for single keys. KeyMACRO has been tested in 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
MacSpeech Dictate Description:
MacSpeech Dictate – is a complete speech recognition solution for Windows, developed in Russian.
Sphinx4 – is a universal and powerful speech recognition software. Sphinx4 is a very fast and reliable speech recognition engine which is used for speech recognition in several applications.
Create different voices that can speak at different speeds and can be used with different languages.
Full support for Cyrillic.
Sphinx4 Demo
Sphinx4 Scripting Interface
TTS2 – is a speech synthesizer that can speak single words, sentences and a dialog.
Text-To-Speech Utility (TTS) for Windows allows you to turn text into speech. This application allows you to create text files (called TTS files) that contain some spoken sentences.
You can use this TTS files to read books, e-mail messages, or use them as an alternative to voice message programs.
The application provides two TTS engines.
“High-Quality” TTS Engine is for those who want a TTS engine that produces clear, natural speech. The engine is developed by a professional phonetist.
The “High-Performance” TTS Engine is for those who want a TTS engine that produces clear, natural speech at a high speed. It was developed for the speech recognition software using the same technology.
Speech synthesis engine based on software package Sphinx 4.
Two speech synthesis engines:
– High-Quality speech synthesizer (engine developed by a professional phonetist)
– High-Performance speech synthesizer (engine developed for the speech recognition software using the same technology)
– High-Performance speech synthesizer (engine developed for the speech recognition software using the same technology)
Support for Cyrillic language
Sphinx 4 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is an advanced video/photo/graphics sequencer based on animation and motion design with high-end features.
It is a complete software solution for creative and broadcast professionals who want to make quick and fluid visual effects of the highest quality.
KEYMACRO is a product of MageWare (www.mageware.com). The development of the software began in 1997 at the renowned “Studio Lino”, (www.studiolino.com).
As of this writing, some remarkable KEYMACRO releases are Studio KeyMacro 5.0, Studio KeyMacro Producer 3.1, Studio KeyMacro 3.5, Studio KeyMacro Producer 3.1, and Studio KeyMacro 5.0 Producer.
KEYMACRO’s tools are based on proprietary technology, and its most important features allow users to work with images in almost any way they want: create animations, blur, resize, do retouching, change colors and much more.
KEYMACRO enables you to use various effects and tools such as transparencies, stretch effects, resize, layers, various blending methods and a large selection of effects in a simple and elegant interface.
The application features very high compatibility with other programs in the industry. Its proprietary technology allows users to work with different formats of images and videos.
KEYMACRO can be used by both beginners and professionals. Whether you are just starting out in the industry or an advanced user, KEYMACRO enables you to create professional looking videos and images for your business or personal projects.
KEYMACRO allows you to customize your work flow in numerous ways, such as by providing you with various templates to apply to your files, customizing the file and video format, and allowing you to apply effects to your videos and images.
KEYMACRO allows you to select a unique sequence in any order, and in some instances, select only the parts of the sequence you want to use.
The KeyMacro Designer can be used to select images and add animation to them. KEYMACRO 5.0 Designer is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP and Vista.
KEYMACRO’s interface is user-friendly, and the program can be easily set up, once the user has mastered it. KeyMacro 5.0 Designer provides a wizard-based interface to help beginners configure their projects.
KeyMacro can be used to do a lot of different things such as editing the images and videos. Key


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