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Open Illegal Vectorworks Files


Some Vectorworks files have been created using . The manufacturer, Vectorworks, have not been able to offer a solution for the problem. However, if you can receive the files, the . may be able to remove it as you import. The authors are not too willing to fix the problem. The solution the . recommend is to export the file and manually delete all data in the link below:

The authors use the . An organization that claims to be the largest Vectorworks copy. The . must also provide an .

The authors are not supportive of software piracy or illegal use of software on the . They will not help with your project.


Category:VectorworksVanessa Feltz

Vanessa Feltz (born 18 December 1976) is an Australian netball player, who was formerly captain of the Australian national team. Her international career spanned 16 years, during which time she represented Australia at seven consecutive World Championships, winning two World Cup titles, the Silver Ferns twice and the Kumite in Singapore. In 2012, she was inducted into the Australian Institute of Sport’s Hall of Legends.

Feltz played in the ANZ Championship for the Melbourne Kestrels and the Adelaide Thunderbirds, before signing for the Waggin’ Tails in 2009. She retired as a player after the 2015 season.

She is a former Australian netball player of the year.


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Feb 8, 2018
Yes, all files created with pirated versions are useless to any license other than the one that created it. As soon as they want to go .
[I think it’s important that you post to the User Forum to receive answers directly from Vectorworks or BlackBeard]
Jun 20, 2010 
In 2005 I had a pirated Vectorworks 2008. I was able to open my files when I installed Vectorworks 2008 and opened them in that version, then I stopped and the files were unusable. I checked the binary codes and saw if Vectorworks was supposed to be free, it was not, the .
To support the legal rights of Vectorworks, we do NOT provide a way for you to legally play back files that were made with an illegal copy of Vectorworks.


You can open the DWG with a reader (apparently a separate app).
Another option is to install evectorworks (free) which is more powerful than reader.

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