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Keymacro is a multi-purpose macro encoder and decoder designed with your needs in mind. It includes some great and unique features, such as Hex Edit, date function, macro replace, and more. This program allows you to edit/replace several key sequences in the selected or copied text.
How to Use:
1. Open the application and select ‘Replace’ from the File menu
2. Select the text you want to edit in the main window
3. Click the ‘Replace’ button to open the Replace Window
4. Type the key sequence you want to insert into the Replace Window
5. Copy and Paste the selected text or the entire document to the Replace Window
6. Click the ‘OK’ button to replace all occurrences of the specified key in the current document
7. Click the ‘Cancel’ button to close the Replace Window
8. Click the ‘Recover’ button to close the Re-input box in the Replace Window
9. Click the ‘Save’ button to save the modified document
Keymacro 4.1.16 Features:
* Save: You can save the current document at any time and easily restore it later. You can either choose the file to save from the Save File list or the ‘Select File’ dialog box.
* Start: You can start typing the text you want to edit in the first box or the entire document in the second box.
* Step by Step: The application highlights all the existing instances of the specified key sequence. You can easily copy and paste the selected text or the entire document to the Replace Window.
* Replace: You can easily replace one or several key sequences in the current document.
* Hide: Hide the box when it is not needed or when it is not in use.
* Fill: You can easily insert a numeric value in the ‘Edit Text’ box.
* Zooming: You can zoom in and zoom out in the selected text or the entire document in the main window.
* Change Font: You can easily select any font from the Font list.
* Hex Edit: You can easily edit the selected text in the Hex Edit window by simply clicking the ‘Edit’ button.
* Customize: You can customize the keystrokes and key combinations in the Edit key box.
* Insert and Remove Labels: You can easily insert a label and remove it from the 70238732e0

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KP Spell Helper helps you improve your spelling skills by allowing you to improve them. It helps to improve your spelling level, retention, and vocabulary. It also helps to improve your writing skills.
• Allows user to practice spelling• Uses text to speech to speak out the words from a list and record the spelling.• Voice recording is done in order to improve retention.• Accuracy of the test is displayed in the main window which also allows you to review the words and their spelling.• Language of the application is English (US)
To use this application you need to download the application on your system and open it.After that you need to enter the list of words that you want to practice.After you enter the words, you can practice them by clicking the Record button or the Play button.To review the words you need to click the Go button.You can also replay the words to hear the sound.You can also set the number of times to repeat the words and the number of times to repeat the list.
Press Menu->Settings->Save Settings to Save settings such as: words to practice, number of times to repeat list, and the number of times to repeat list.
To exit the program you can exit the program and press the home button.
Also, you can Exit the program by pressing the button ‘X’ in the top right corner.
There are no in-app purchases in this application.
If you have any queries or require any support, please visit our website:
KeyLoggerKeyLogger is a registered trademark of Youngevity Studio LtdQ:

CSS: using two background images, each with two colors

I am working on a website and I have this. I want to create a table in which each row should have a different background image, each with different colors. How do I make this possible?
Here is the code:


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