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Puts you in the spotlight: access to a computer’s resourcesEffects of dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) on the incidence of chromosome aberrations in Chinese hamster cells in vitro.
Chinese hamster cells (CHO) were incubated with dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) in concentrations ranging from 0.1 to 0.8 per cent for 2 h in culture medium. The number of chromosome aberrations induced was measured in samples from the treated cells. Treatment with 0.4 per cent DMSO resulted in significant increases (P less than 0.01) in the number of aberrations over untreated controls. The highest frequency of aberrations, however, was observed in cells treated with 0.1 per cent DMSO. The results suggest that DMSO is not mutagenic at concentrations used in the laboratory, but that concentrations of 0.1 per cent DMSO could adversely affect experimental results when using CHO cells as a model system..
[4] The court found that in May 1990, while Davis was incarcerated, her social worker told her that she would receive certain benefits if she accepted a plea bargain. She entered the plea in June. In December, Davis learned that she was ineligible for some of the benefits.
[5] There is no evidence that the social worker was aware of the conflict before Davis decided to plead guilty. After Davis learned that she could not receive some of the benefits, she talked to her mother, who told her that her previous attorney had told her she would receive the benefits. The trial court made no specific finding on this issue.
[6] One notable exception is that the court allowed the State to introduce the social worker’s notes into evidence after Davis denied that they were accurate. The court, however, did not allow Davis to cross-examine the social worker or to introduce evidence that the notes were inaccurate. The court also did not allow the State to present evidence of the State’s efforts to gain Davis’s cooperation. This evidence was relevant to whether Davis could make a knowing and intelligent decision about pleading guilty. The court, however, allowed the State to present evidence of Davis’s mental problems, her prior bad acts and her youth at the time of the offense. These factors were not relevant to Davis’s ability to make a knowing and intelligent decision.

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