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With the help of multimedia files we can build up presentations for projects of various purposes and topics. Not only that, but nearly anywhere we look or go either a song or video pops up in our line of sight. Managing and creating these kind of files can be done with multiple tools, amongst which you can find MP4 Direct Editor, which lets you split and join MP4 files.
Straightforward functions and design
After a while of getting to know the application, you realize just how straightforward it is, with an intuitive interface that feels a little rough around the edges though, as well as format support being limited to what the name suggests.
Accurately set split points
Similar to most video editing applications, a timeline lets you easily skip through content to find desired parts, with several clever navigation options. In other words, you can simply move the progress slider around, with all frames selectable, as well as a more sensible slider for scrolling in milliseconds. This comes in handy seeing how there are no input fields to manually provide start and end points.
Fortunately, the application can be used to split a large video into multiple parts simultaneously. Dragging the progress slider around and adding points to a queue automatically chops your video when hitting the “Start Batch” button. Furthermore, the reverse process is also implemented, but it gets a little difficult to use.
Capture and edit custom frames
There is nothing to be desired regarding output quality thanks to processing algorithms. In addition, the application lets you capture specific frames to use in other projects. Gathered frame is opened up in a basic editor you can use to make minor adjustments, like cropping, rotating or resizing.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that MP4 Direct Editor is surely no the best on the block, with the limited number of supported formats keeping it far from being a pro. Even though output quality is flawless, the overall impression leaves more to be desired, both in terms of design and ease of use.









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MP4 Direct Editor is a cross-platform application, giving users freedom to edit and convert MP4 files. It can manage video files, convert audio and image files to MP4 format, and extract audio from video clips.
MP4 Direct Editor features:
Convert video, audio, images, and text to MP4 format.
Drag and drop files to convert or to MP4 project, specify file locations and conversion positions.
4 formats you can convert.
Extract video audio clips.
Import MP4 files from any video/audio file formats you want.
Convert HTML pages or graphic to MP4 format.
Different output quality presets, such as Pro, Low, Medium, High.
Convert video or audio track to separate tracks.
Export MP4 file to different popular media devices.
Support for 720P, 1080P, 3GP, MP4 and WMV files.

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Main features:
• Split and join videos on preset mode or create custom split points;
• Ability to change the frame rate as desired;
• Quick browsing mode for easily selected sections;
• Customize the playback speed;
• Capturing the current frame;
• Adjusting the parameters for the created clip;
• Adding texts, music and videos to the created clip;
• Switching the frame rate;

MP4 Direct Editor is a powerful online tool for different tasks. It helps you to Split, Join, Merge and Recompile the video files into different formats like: mp4, avi, mkv, wmv, mpeg, swf, flv, and convert MPEG audio, MP2 audio, WAV audio, MP3 audio, AAC audio, AC3 audio, WMA, OGG and more. The MP4 Direct Editor is an excellent and fast video splitter, video converter, video cutter and audio converter. With this application, you can easily split or join video files into multiple formats, split or merge video files and so on.

MP4 Direct Editor is a video editor tool that helps you to Join, Split, Merge, Crop, Copy, Erase, Add Music and Add Text to your video files. It is the video editor software that supports to edit video files on Mac, Windows, Linux and online. It is the easy and fast video editor tool, which helps to join many different audio & video formats. This video editor software also supports to convert your audio files into any other format.
Key Features:
Video Splitter:
The MP4 Direct Editor is an easy and fast video splitter, video converter, video cutter and audio converter. With the help of this application, you can easily split or join video files into multiple formats like;
• MP4
• wmv
• Mpeg
• MP2
• MP3
• AC3
• Mpeg
• AC3
• MP2
• MP3
• AC3

MP4 Direct Editor 2.0.2 Crack + With License Key (2022)

MP4 Direct Editor is a program used for editing video files, split and merge video files, and combine video files. It can be used to easily convert AVI to AVI format, convert MPEG to AVI format, and convert AVI to MP4, Windows Media Video to MP4, MP4 to AVI, AVI to MP4, MP4 to WMV, WMV to MP4, split and merge MP4 files. It can also be used to extract audio from video files, extract pictures from video files, and extract sound from video files.

This program is easy to operate and has a user-friendly interface. With an intuitive interface, you can perform editing work efficiently in a short period. You can play movie files or you can watch over most of the extracted data.

You can convert AVI to AVI format, convert MPEG to AVI format, convert AVI to MP4, MP4 to AVI, AVI to MP4, MP4 to WMV, WMV to MP4, split and merge MP4 files. It can also be used to extract audio from video files, extract pictures from video files, extract sound from video files and extract video from audio files.


This software is easy to operate and has a user-friendly interface. You can work efficiently in a short period. You can play movie files or you can watch over most of the extracted data. You can choose between Standard Mode and Large Size Mode, and you can adjust the size and display position of the video. You can also set the output directory and the output format of the videos.

Key Functions

1.Extract MP4 videos and audio

Extract pictures from video files and extract sound from audio files. This software is used to play MP4 videos or movies, extract sounds, pictures, and video segments from MP4 video files and audio files, and merge various MP4 videos or movies into one. The source MP4 video file is the most fundamental factor and the final output file size depends on the output format.

2.Split MP4 videos

Split MP4 videos is the simple and efficient way to divide MP4 video file into multiple video files according to your requirement. It can split all MP4 videos and movies in a fast and easy way. It can reduce the video file size and improve your streaming effect.

3.Merge MP4 videos

Merge MP4 videos is the simple and

What’s New In MP4 Direct Editor?

When you decide to edit your videos with a good movie editor, you should, of course, look for the best apps and choose the one that fits your needs and meets your expectations best. Like all other software, MP4 Direct Editor needs to be tested for compatibility, usability and compatibility.
At this point, you may be wondering why this tool in the first place and what for it can be used. To make a long story short, MP4 Direct Editor is a video editor that is capable of splitting, rearranging and joining MP4 files. It works with the help of multimedia files and does not require any advanced knowledge or experience in order to use it.
It is supposed to be used by professionals or people with some level of experience. Well, this software is also intended for Mac users, but Windows users are also able to take advantage of its functions and use it. You can either download it from the official website or buy the license key for the application you are interested in.
After that, you can download the program and install it on your system. If it has been installed successfully, you should be able to open it and use it for splitting MP4 videos.
As we mentioned before, MP4 Direct Editor lets you work on the system that supports the proper video formats. Some of them include iOS, Android and Mac, so you may use it without any problems.
This is how an MP4 file, when opened up, looks like.
Once you manage to open one, you’ll get an interface like this:
What’s new in version MP4 Direct Editor:
A streamlined and smoother interface.
The ability to create a split MP4 file from your music or video file.
A better performance when you’re trying to copy one part into another.
A customized cursor that allows you to make more accurate selections.
A huge number of feature improvements

MP4 Direct Editor is a professional MP4 video editor. This software is an easy-to-use tool that lets you play, convert, edit, split, join and export the whole and individual parts of MP4 files. This handy application is available at low cost and is a great choice for beginners, as well as for professionals and anyone who is interested in converting various MP4 videos.
What are the specifications of the MP4 Direct Editor?
The operating system of this software is Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Mac OS X 10.6.

System Requirements For MP4 Direct Editor:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit operating system only)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500 (2.3 GHz); AMD Athlon 64 X2 (2.2 GHz); AMD FX-8100 (3.6 GHz) or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD HD 7950 / nVidia GTX 650 2GB or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 1 GB free space
The DirectX 11 compatible

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