Motorola Series GM and GP-300 Rss, iDEN, Repeater Series.

Motorola Series GM and GP-300 Rss, iDEN, Repeater Series.

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Iden Lab Rss 29 Patch

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Iden Lab Rss 29 Patch
Rss 29 iPhone/iPad/iPod touch lab,nextel iden lab rss 29 (with full support ) and nextel iden lab rss 26. It also provide rss feed links.
Iden Labs: RSS 29 Patch & Pro Full-Free


You can download the IDEN Labs Pro Upgrade version for iPhone and iPod touch that includes the latest iDEN R03.00.14 Pro upgrade and associated iden labs pro in one single download. This version is completely updated from version R02.00.01. Therefore, you don’t need to buy the iden labs app download (28) AND the iden labs upgrade pro (29). You can either purchase them separately, or download and upgrade your existing iden labs pro app.
RSS 30 or R03.00.14

Notes and requirements:

Iden Labs Pro 1.1.2 and above
iPhone/iPod touch version from iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 6S and iPod touch version from iPhone 4 to iPod touch 5th gen
requires iOS 8.4

The new R03.00.14 Pro update for iPhone and iPod touch is available for all iPhone and iPod touch models except for iPhone 3GS. The R03.00.14 update is currently out-of-beta, with more user-feedback during the final testing stage

Extra information about this update:

New R03.00.14 firmware version: B02310F
New R03.00.14 version is available for: iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iPod touch 5th gen
New R03.00.14 firmware is available for all countries except for: US, Spain, Portugal
New R03.00.14 update is currently in BETA for bugs and improvement

How to get the new update (B02310F):

Open iTunes > Preferences > Devices > click “Check for Update…”
When iTunes asks to upgrade your iPhone: choose “Upgrade”.
When it asks to upgrade your iPod touch: choose “Upgrade”.

If you have already upgraded to version R03.00.14, but you’re still on iOS 8.4, you can update to version R03.00.

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