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1. With the Help of a handy graphical user interface, you can easily create and edit all types of photos (video, picture, slide, etc.) and movies (animation, movies, etc.) easily and quickly in a short time.
2. Supports almost all popular graphic formats such as JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG, etc., and also supports almost all popular audio formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, etc.
3. Very easy to use: just click the menu and you can create and edit all kinds of photos and videos in a short time.
4. Supports auto-play mode, preview mode, slideshow mode, slideshow transition mode and more.
5. Supports auto-rotate mode.
6. Supports creating self-cancellable timer-recording videos and photos.

Having problems downloading your songs from MOG? Well firstly let me say that MOG is a good music download site, I use it myself and love it. But having said that, I have some problems with downloading my songs from MOG on my Samsung Galaxy S III. First of all, let’s start by stating that the problems are not limited to just MOG, I am having problems with any download service or program in which I am trying to download songs from. The problem occurs when MOG is sync’ed with my phone and I try and download a song through MOG. It will attempt to download the song and when it tries to sync the song to my phone, it fails and it says that it’s been downloaded but that is the only thing that is ever downloaded from MOG. Well that’s not really a problem but it’s something that is a little frustrating.
So to get to the point of this tutorial: Using the free app “MediaGate” from the Android Market, I can download the songs from MOG in a way that doesn’t fail on my phone. So how did I get this app to work? First of all, there’s another app called “SmartMOG” that you can download from the Android Market that does the exact same thing as MediaGate, but with some additions. The problem with the App “SmartMOG” is that I don’t own it, I use it for free from Google (Yes Google, but it’s free to us.) I 384a16bd22

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The Macros used by ICE ECC are the following:
ICE ECC has a unique approach to Macros. They use arrays as macro arguments. This has three advantages. The macro arguments are protected from being modified by the user. Also, the same array can be used for different types of error correction. For example, you can protect a file with a certain type of error correction and then another with a different type of error correction, and it will not interfere. The third advantage is that you can create a macro to create a file from any folder with an any type of error correction.
To protect a file or directory, just specify the file extension in the Macro name. For example, I will use the following Macro:
;the extension.hc is used in the Macro name

;ICE ECC will first look for a.ecc file in the current directory. If it is found, it will verify it, but if it is not found, ICE ECC will look for a.ecc file in the current directory and then in its parent directory, then in the parent directory’s parent directory and so on until it reaches the root directory.
;If the.ecc file is found, ICE ECC will verify it and then use the contents of the file to recreate the file or directory.
;If the.ecc file is not found, the file is not corrupted. ICE ECC will show a warning that this file has no embedded data.
;ICE ECC will create a new.ecc file in the current directory.

;ICE ECC will use the error correction for this file.
;ICE ECC will use the different error correction if it exists for the.ecc file.
;ICE ECC will then proceed to write this data to the file or directory.
ICE ECC Error Correction:
It is possible to use multiple error correction methods at the same time. For example, you can protect a file using Reed-Solomon codes, and then protect the same file using a different method, such as, Self-Verifying Data (SVD). For example, if the file uses Reed-Solomon codes, then the file contents will be checked, and if it is found to be corrupted, the file will be rewritten using the Reed-Solomon method. If the file is not corrupted, then ICE ECC will use Self-Verifying Data (SVD) to protect the file contents.


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