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This macro allows you to tune the notes as you play with a MIDI keyboard (or compatible controller).

First you must download and install the latest version of the Instrument-iTuner plug-in (directly available from the developer’s site) in your host application such as Reason, Protools or any other DAW, as explained here.
Then you must install the Bit-Tuner plug-in as explained here.

You can choose either a keyboard controller (e.g. USB Korg A-Series) or a virtual MIDI keyboard.
For the virtual MIDI keyboard, you must choose a MIDI instrument and then select the Bit-Tuner plug-in.

NOTE: The keyboard controller that you use must have its plug-in configured to generate MIDI notes (e.g. Korg M1M).

To select a virtual MIDI keyboard, you need to load the file named XBKeyboard.ini from the Bit-Tuner folder.
(where X is the virtual MIDI keyboard model, e.g. “M1X”).
See the screenshot below for details.

Use the macro above to tune the notes of any song using a USB keyboard.

To tune the notes with the keyboard controller, you must create the following text macro:

/Keymacro On
/Port MIDI
/Delay 200
/On 1
/Play “G – C – F – Bb”

Use the commands above to define the text macro.
For example, you can choose the four commands as follows:

/Keymacro On
/Port MIDI
/Delay 200
/On 1
/Play “C – F – E – D”

By setting the on and off to 1, it’s possible to use this macro for instant tuning of songs (i.e. you don’t need to remember where the notes are).

NOTE: The on and off commands are from Bit-Tuner menu.

On the other hand, you can configure the delay time and the order of the notes to be tuned.
For example, to tune the notes “G – C – F – Bb”, you can create a text macro as follows:

/Keymacro On
/Port MIDI
/Delay 300
/On 1
/Play “G 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO (Keyboard Macro) is a freeware for Windows, which can automate your keyboard macros and keyboard shortcuts with one click. It allows you to save any window, toolbar or menu configuration as a Keyboard Macro for easy and fast activation.
How to use:
There are many keyboard shortcuts in Windows, which can be automatically activated with a single keypress. If you know all of them, you can easily assign a macro to any shortcut and use it whenever you need it. But this can be very time consuming if you want to remember every keyboard shortcut of a program.
Furthermore, you need to re-enter your keyboard shortcut every time you close a program.
KEYMACRO creates a keyboard shortcut configuration file, which you can then store in your system, so it will remember all of your keyboard shortcuts. The file is editable and you can use it whenever you want.
The program has many useful features:
* Edit keyboard shortcut settings
* Edit the key’s label
* Edit keys for special chars
* Edit keys for multiline text
* Templates
* Re-arrange the keyboard shortcuts
* Set keystroke’s delay
* Set keystroke’s repeat delay
* Set keystroke’s repeat count
* Add a hotkey
* Add a hotkey to an existing key
* Add a hotkey to an existing key’s pressed or released action
* Remove a hotkey
* Save keyboard shortcuts to a file
* Save keyboard shortcuts to a file (you can choose the format)
* Copy key shortcuts to the clipboard
* Export / Import keyboard shortcuts
* Add a custom key shortcut
* Save keyboard shortcuts
* Hotkeys
* Main window
* Keys: Name, Label, Value, Description, Keystrokes, Hotkey
* Edit template: Name, Label, Keyname, Description, Value
* Delete template: Name, Label
* Rename template: Name, New Name, Label
* Replace template: Name, New Name, Label
* Re-arrange templates: Name, New Name, Label
* Keystroke options: Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Delete, Space, Caps Lock, Arrow keys, Print screen
* Configure settings: Read / Write, Read / Write / Ignore
* Save: Save Keyboard Shortcuts to a file, Save Keyboard Shortcuts to a file (you can choose the format), Save Keyboard Shortcuts, Save Keyboard Shortcuts to a file, Save Keyboard Shortcuts, Save Keyboard

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