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– No need to use any kind of special software to open files on a disc or USB drive
– Manage and protect folders and files on a disc or USB drive
– Show a detailed file system tree view with file extensions
– Automatically add a user-friendly autorun feature to encrypted discs or drives
– Set a name, label, password and size for your secure zone
– Set a user-friendly autorun password

Game Developer Studio is a complete and easy to use game development suite that allows you to produce your own games without knowledge of game programming or having to make use of expensive third-party programming tools.
With Game Developer Studio you can create a game that can be shipped to the market on a CD or a flash drive.
Game Developer Studio gives you the tools to create games in an easy way. You can add, edit and remove activities, but also add sounds and images to help you get started fast.
Game Developer Studio provides two different game engines, an action game engine called GDGameEngine and a 2D game engine called GD2DEngine. Besides the two game engines, the application also offers three powerful graphical editors that make game creation even easier. You can use GDEdit, GDEditOBS or GDEditRisk to create user interfaces. For those who like a more visual approach, you can also use GD2DEdit or GD2DEditMDI.
Game Developer Studio Features:
– High-performance 3D games engine called GDGameEngine that allows you to create real-time 3D games in less than 30 minutes
– Complete and easy to use game creation suite called GDGame Studio with high-performance 2D and 3D game engines
– High-performance game editor called GDEdit that allows you to create a user interface for any type of game
– Complete and easy to use game editor called GD2DEditOBS that allows you to create user interfaces
– High-performance game editor called GD2DEditRisk that allows you to quickly create user interfaces
– High-performance game editor called GDEditMDI that allows you to create user interfaces for MDI style games
– Powerful graphical editor called GD2DEdit that allows you to create user interfaces
– Powerful graphical editor called GD2DEditOBS that allows you to create user interfaces
– Powerful graphical editor called GD2DEditMDI that allows you to create user interfaces
– Create a 3D game in less than 30 minutes
– Create

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Voyager is a CD/DVD/USB/HDD/BRAND new protection system which protects your content from an unauthorized access.
Master Voyager is the software to protect data on your storage media. Digital movie contents will be protected after the rights are paid for. By the usage of the Internet you can upload documents to it, and the files will be accessible exclusively to you.
Easy way to a robust protected your data on any devices.
It provides you with a tool that will protect your data in your PC or anywhere where your laptop is connected by using the browser.
The New generation burner of your discs will auto-start after inserting the disc. As much as possible it will give you an easy access to a protected disc.
Add extra layers of security when using any of the storage devices, discs, DVDs and USB keys.
Provide your confidential data in any device to users only when you want them.
Makes your data secure when you access them remotely or from a different device.
Maximum protection of your files for business, home and personal use.
The Browser no longer limits your view, you can now browse through the protected content without a VPN connection.
Disclaimer: This app is only available to the Portuguese language and only in the App Store.

From the makers of the award-winning Master Voyager ( comes an all-new system that protects your data and keeps it secure, wherever you are.
Master Voyager Business Edition Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a standalone application that puts a layer of encryption on any USB key, CD-R/RW, disc or hard drive.
It is designed for businesses, organizations and individuals who want to protect confidential data.
Any kind of sensitive material, be it business plans, financial transactions or your most personal and private correspondence can be totally secured.
• Protects your data when you’re online
Use Master Voyager Business Edition Download With Full Crack to protect confidential data online or when you’re using VPN.
• Comprehensive protection of your data
Master Voyager Business Edition Product Key provides the following features:
• Password-protected storage
Protect your data with a password. You can store your confidential files either with a single password or with a single password for each folder.
• Audio and video
Store music, movies, photos and games on a disc. Master Voyager Business Edition provides a wizard to create a new protected zone.
• Autorun
Once you insert a disc, Master Voyager

Master Voyager Business Edition Crack + With License Key Free

Protect your CDs, DVDs and USB drives with an extra layer of security using the Master Voyager Business Edition. Master Voyager Business Edition encrypts both private and public areas of a disk, USB drive or any other storage medium to make it impossible to access the content without the correct password. Master Voyager Business Edition lets you freely browse through the content of the secured discs without having to enter the password. Master Voyager Business Edition is an easy to use and efficient tool which makes the entire encryption process a snap. Master Voyager Business Edition provides a step by step wizard to set up your secure zones, allows you to have automatic autorun enabled as well as a password reset function and email option.
Master Voyager Business Edition Key Features:
1. AES-256 encrypted storage
2. Create multiple secure areas on an already existing disk
3. Protect specific areas on a disk
4. Undelete files after password reset
5. Backup existing secure zones to files or even on external hard drives
6. Auto run feature enabled
7. Export decrypted data to image files
8. Password protected CD burning
9. Password reset feature
10. Password change function
11. Automatic autorun enabled
12. Email option
13. Email files to a friend or customer
14. Licence key given to customer
15. Save the licence key on your hard disk
16. System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, Vista, 2012 R2
17. Free updates with each new version

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Thank you for downloading Master Voyager Business Edition. We have tested several online download managers that we think you will like:

Note:The Software needs an Internet Connection to download and install.

What is new in official Master Voyager Business Edition Software version 1.06.0 (build 1678)?

[Enhancement] Major Release

1. Fixed a bug which caused the Create New Password option to appear in the Search and Resolve window.

We recommend you always keep your product keys and license ready. If you ever lose them, you may need to contact customer service for a new set of keys. This download has a key code of 10.

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