Lost Season 4 English Subtitles 720p


Lost Season 4 English Subtitles 720p

there’s also a lot of drama amongst the oceanic six. sawyer comes off as very irritating in this clip. i can’t really say it’s because he’s a loudmouth, because he isn’t really, at least not all the time, but because he seems to not really know where he’s supposed to be. i see a lot of the angst in his characters being down to his own personal issues that prevent him from being the leader of the group. this is the kind of thing that can cause a rift between a guy and his pals. sawyer’s a smart guy. he should be able to come up with a new song, instead of complaining to sayid that he can’t play. if there’s one thing jack and sawyer could have used, in my opinion, it’s a bit more sayid. he was the complete opposite of sawyer in season 1, but that didn’t really last, and i’m not sure why. the only reason i can come up with is that sawyer’s almost never shown to be a positive person. but sayid is. for a guy who’s a bit of a punk, he’s pretty good at putting others down, and he doesn’t seem to have a problem doing it.

the clip above is as good a place as any to talk about the voiceover work. there’s a lot of it in this season, including in the interviews with the freighter folk. the voiceover is usually the same person, although there’s one audio change in the ‘black rock’ clip. when juliet comes into the scene, she says, i’m a therapist. when michael, on the other hand, gets the same line, he says, i’m a killer.

there’s also some great character work this season. sayid and kate’s dynamic is one of the best in the show, and sayid’s romantic journey is one of the most interesting in the series. desmond is a constant presence throughout the season, and he’s just the best. i was so happy to see desmond get so much good material this season, because i think he’s an important character, but doesn’t get enough screen time. maybe he’s just too good to cut out.

the disc also includes audio commentary by alex kurtzman, damon lindelof, elizabeth sarnoff and michael emerson. no subtitle option is available, so just enjoy this audio commentary without the use of english subtitles. not everyone’s perfect!
if you have the korean import of squid game season 4, you can select the language of the subtitle track during playback. i opted to keep it in english for ease of comparison. it’s a little strange having the option to only select the english track.
regardless of the language, the english track is a little low in volume, making it hard to hear individual comments as well as the music, so it’s a bit difficult to tell who’s speaking at a given moment. however, there are some interesting takeaways from the commentary.
damon lindelof states that the season finale was not originally supposed to be a re-run of the series finale of season 3. he said that if the players had lost, he was going to have the ending of season 3 play out. he also revealed that the season finale of season 4 was rewritten, and that the english script was not finalized until very late in the process. this information contradicts what was stated in the previous entry, which is that the finale of season 3 was edited and re-edited, and that the script for the finale of season 4 was finalized by the time the season was airing.
the script for the finale of season 3 was also changed, and the original english script was used, except for the scenes that were cut out. the finales of seasons 3 and 4 were edited for the new blu-ray release. for example, the music at the beginning was added for the finale of season 4. but in the past, the music at the beginning was edited out of the finale of season 3.


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