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As a tool to help you plan the design of a Kettle reboiler, Kettle Reboiler Design is a high-level software utility that serves to calculate the size of your Kettle reboiler. Besides the following estimation, this app comes with the possibility of calculating different properties such as the optimum number of tubes, the diameter of the shell, the number of vapor nozzles, the maximum allowable liquid velocity, the heat transfer coefficient, the maximum allowable pressure drop, the tube side Reynolds and Prandtl numbers, and the maximum allowable heat flux.
Apart from all the sizing estimations, Kettle Reboiler Design is also capable of revealing the number of threads, the tube side number of nozzles, the number of plumbings, the pipe diameter, the number of heat exchangers, the scale resistance, the maximum allowable heat transfer coefficient, the friction coefficient, the optimum number of tube lengths, the tubing wall thickness, the number of tubes, the shell diameter, the maximum allowable liquid velocity, the number of turns, the temperature drop, the maximum allowable pressure drop, the tube side Prandtl number, the tube side Reynolds number, the tube slot online yang sering kasih jackpot side heat transfer coefficient, the maximum allowable heat flux, the maximum allowable pressure drop, and the maximum allowable heat flux.
Kettle Reboiler Design has a user-friendly interface, so you can get a better idea of all the calculations that are provided.

To install the software package:

• If you are using Windows 7 or above, double-click the file downloaded from the above link and install the application on your PC.

• If you are using Windows XP or below, extract the downloaded file on your computer.

• Double-click the installer on the desktop and follow the instructions.

• Click Finish to complete judi slot online jackpot terbesar the installation.

• When the installation is complete, the application appears in the Windows Start menu.

• Click the Kettle Reboiler Design icon to launch the software application.

• Click Settings to open the Preferences dialog box.

• Click User Management to open the User Management dialog box.

• Click the pencil icon next to the user whose details you want to change to update the details in the User Settings dialog box.

• Click the Save icon to update the User Settings.

• Click the Help icon to launch the Help menu, or click any of the topics in the Help menu to access the topic directly.

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Macros provide some very basic features for advanced users, like the ability to record specific IP packets, or to change the IP filter with ease.
Virtual host MACRO Description:
MACROs add a certain level of functionality to the program, by allowing the user to change the IP filter according to the specific URL, as well as record a single packet to be played back later.
Advanced Logger MACRO Description:
The Logger feature of this program allows the user to record any number of packets of any length for further analysis.
Compare MACRO Description:
MACROs provide a quick solution for comparing two or more packet logs, saving time and patience.
DNS Changer MACRO Description:
The DNS Changer feature allows you to quickly change the DNS settings that the application binds to, allowing you to collect traffic data from many locations.
Exchange Macros MACRO Description:
MACROs are another interesting and useful feature for any network administrator that uses Microsoft Windows, capable of saving traffic logs in a useful format that can be imported into other tools, such as MRTG or Datapath.
Low cost
IP Traffic Spy is a freeware application that doesn’t cost a dime to use.

IP Traffic Spy is a simple-to-use application that allows you to monitor data transferred between your computer and other machines in the network or on the Internet. It packs a simple interface with a minimalistic layout, easy to figure out even by less experienced users.

To launch the application, administrative privileges are required, due to the fact that IP Traffic Spy must be authorized to access the network traffic and bypass the rules of the Windows firewall.

Displays useful information in a neat manner

At startup, you are required to write an IP address to bind to, in order to generate activity details, namely the time, date, S-IP, D-IP, S-port, D-port and text for each packet, along with the current connection address and total packets, in the status bar. Everything is neatly displayed within the main window, in a table view that is very easy to browse. And even if using IP Traffic Spy seems simple, it is clear that the data it gathers and the information it displays can only serve to a user who is familiar with networking and traffic monitoring.

Export traffic details to a local file for further use

In addition, you can include or exclude filters (IP addresses and ports), clear the grid, pause

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