Lia Model 001-172 Complete _TOP_

Lia Model 001-172 Complete _TOP_


Lia Model 001-172 Complete

complete streets design guidelines are intended to promote active mobility and physical activity, help preserve the integrity of cities and communities, support economic activity, and advance the safety, equity, environmental, and other goals of the national transportation policy.

the complete streets design model provides a set of 10 high-level strategies and 169 design standards to support complete streets design. the model also provides specific, detailed guidance on how to implement the 10 high-level strategies and 169 design standards for all roadway and transportation projects. the 10 high-level strategies cover the following topics: vision, connectivity, roadway design, mobility, safety, cultural connectivity, environmental performance, equity, and safety.

fhwa has devoted considerable resources to supporting its implementation of the complete streets design model. to that end, the agency is providing technical assistance, publishing guidance documents, and is collaborating with other federal and state transportation agencies to increase the adoption of the complete streets design model nationwide.

as part of the fhwas implementation of the u.s. department of transportations national roadway safety strategy, the complete streets design model is a critical component of the roadway design guidelines and is an integral part of the agency’s complete streets national partnership.

complete streets policies and standards are intended to be a cornerstone of federal transportation planning, design, and construction by requiring that policy, standards, and design be incorporated into the decisionmaking process of federal, state, and local transportation agencies.

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