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Record your favorite music sites as they play!
Last Recorder Crack Keygen will record all online radio stations, music logs, video feeds and music playlists. You can choose to record audio or video, and keep it in one media file or split it into separate MP3 or OGG files. You can access directly through the web browser.
A number of features make Last Recorder simple to use. The online radio stations, music logs, and video feeds can be selected individually. After you select the radio stations, Last Recorder will automatically switch on and off.
All your audio and video recordings will be saved in a media file. You can then convert the audio/video files into MP3/OGG files or burn them on CDs. You can access the media files through Last Recorder. You can also transfer the files to PC through
The Last Recorder will automatically save an internet radio download for you when you select the audio or video option. You can access directly through the web browser.
Last Recorder is a great tool to listen to all the online and your favorite radio stations online wherever and whenever you want.Q:

Efficient method to find 3D vector positions

I’m currently trying to figure out how to make the most efficient way to find the positions of a 3D vector. In order to make the most sense, I’ll show a simple example:
Say I have an array of vectors X={1 2 3 4 5}; and want to find the vectors that are 3 standard deviations above the mean of the array. That would mean that we are looking for a vector V such that:

Now, to do this, I can first find the mean of the array:
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Then, I can add 3*m to the array:
X = [m m m; m m m; m m m]

Which gives me the mean of the vector array plus 3*m
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s = sqrt(mean((X – mean(X)).^2))

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I’m currently doing this using a loop and a for loop, which I don’t think is the most efficient way to find these positions. Does anybody know how to do this more efficiently

Last Recorder Crack

Last Recorder Crack Free Download is a free and easy to use application that allows you to record radio stations from all over the world. Last Recorder does not rely on any third party database but instead uses your account to obtain the station info. The software is completely free but you can choose to donate some amount for the software or upgrade to premium version to get more features. Last Recorder is freeware and you can use it on both the computer and mobile phones.
Last Recorder Key Features:
Record radio from any location
Users can record free radio stations easily with Last Recorder. Here is a list of free radio stations you can record with this program:
1. BBC Radio 1: Download the application and start recording some of your favorite stations. You can record radio stations with streaming radio, audio blogs and podcasting stations. 2. Rhapsody: Record your favorite radio stations with the Last Recorder. Now you can record your favorite online radio stations such as Rhapsody, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Slacker. 3. Last.FM: Record some of the greatest stations in the world including music radio stations, podcasts, news, and internet radio. 4. Tune In: Record shows and streams instantly from the TuneIn network with Last Recorder. 5. NPR: Record NPR Podcasts, Magazines, and Audio.
Record radio streams
The easy interface of the Last Recorder makes it easy to record audio streams from the internet. It’s very easy to use this software.
Streaming services:
1. Last.FM: Record the free internet radio stations from Last.FM and get them on your mobile. 2. Soundcloud: Record and convert internet audio files. 3. Rhapsody: Enjoy the music and the music streaming services. 4. TuneIn: Get the information of the radio stream from this application quickly and with ease.
Record audio with sound card
You can record audio from the sound card or capture all inputs, such as in-built microphone and line in.
Record podcasts
You can record podcasts with the Last Recorder.
Record from S/PDIF stereo
You can record the sound from the S/PDIF input with Last Recorder.
Record automatic radio station
You can record programs automatically with Last Recorder.
Record audio from the network
You can record audio from the network with Last Recorder.
Record jukebox music
You can record music from the jukebox with Last Recorder.
Record video

Last Recorder Crack+ Full Product Key Latest

Last Recorder is a media recorder that allows you to record live and online radio, TV and podcasts.

Once a recording has been started, it will be saved to your system. The recorder will automatically strip all non-relevant data from the files, so that you don’t get too much clutter in your system. The toolbar provides all the most important controls, from start/stop to the logging of the file name, length, path, and voice date.

Last Recorder is well-tuned and optimized for 32-bit systems.

Select your language

Last Recorder is a freeware, shareware, and trialware. If you like Last Recorder you can help to keep its development going. Donations for software are accepted via PayPal.Q:

How to return element’s CSS values when using getElementsByClassName()?

What is a simple way to return the css value of the first element of the array returned by getElementsByClassName()?


There are two ways :
Use element[0].style.myproperty for the first element, and element[1].style.myproperty for the second element, and so on. You may omit the index of the element, the getElementsByClassName will give you an array of elements, which is indexed on 0.
Use jQuery.query() to get all the elements with a class and then use for the first element and for the second element, and so on.


The problem with both of these solutions is that they assume that there will be an element in the array returned by getElementsByClassName that has a property named myproperty. So if you are using getElementsByClassName to get an array of elements that all have the class “myclass”, then you will either need to loop through the array and grab the value of the element with “myclass” or, since the elements are guaranteed to be returned in a sequential order, loop through the array and grab the value of the element with the previous class. I think the latter is more likely.
Here’s a function that would do the job.
function getStyle(element, property) {
var elementStyles =;
property = property || “”;
return (

What’s New In Last Recorder?

Last Recorder is a free scrobbler which works very well. It also works with other services as well as and It is an application that does exactly what it says and it also supports most of the scrobbler sites.
How to use Last Recorder:
Step 1. Open the application and select the following radio sites:
Top Songs
Popular Charts
Songs I Like
What’s New
This Week
This Month
To use this application, you need to sign up at All you need to do is enter your username, password, and you are ready to go!
Last Recorder Full Version Pro Features:
Audio recording MP3/AMR
Recorder recording in the background (only windows)
Split recording
Automatic splitter support (support for osx & linux)
Multilingual support
Auto split
Multipart split support
Auto read progress bar
High quality clip recording
Top/Popular Charts/Songs I like/Discoveries
Audio and video support
Always on Top
Capture to clipboard
Split to clipboard
Record a radio show from live station (only audio)
Support amazon radio
Don’t you want to grab a snack while listening to your favorite radio station? Or maybe you want to make a video for YouTube?
Take a Snapshot
Try to capture the scenery of the stadium when you’re watching the game on TV. Or you can record the station you’re listening to as an MP3. Try to capture the show you’re listening to as a video.
Monitor YouTube Live streaming
Last Recorder supports YouTube live.
Audio recording, playing and clipping now!
Stop playing a song as long as you want or even skip to the next song.
This application has a very simple and user-friendly interface. You can use the “stop and play” function just as you would in a video.
It is simple and easy to use, even for non-gamers.
What’s in the application?
Operating System: Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows XP
Multi-language support: English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Portuguese, Hungarian, and Indonesian (Yogro, which is the Indonesian Language written in Arabic script, is not supported).
Possibility of

System Requirements:

OS: Win10 64bit, Win10 32bit, Win8 64bit, Win8 32bit
Processor: Intel i5 6700, Intel i7 7700 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200, AMD Ryzen 5 2400G
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Storage: 4 GB available space
Graphics: NVIDIA 1080 or AMD Radeon RX 570 or better
-The client will work on all platforms except Android.
-Optimized the code to improve performance and stability.
-New features and content have

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