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Find And Replace Words is a basic yet fairly effective software utility whose main function is to assist you in effortlessly replacing words in text files, performing the task with a button press.
Portability benefits
Being a standalone tool, there is no need to go through a setup operation in order to work with it, as you can just decompress the archive and run the executable.
As a result, you can easily carry Find And Replace Words with you on a portable memory device, using it on all compatible computers without a trace left behind.
Minimalistic yet practical appearance
In terms of graphical user interface, it is safe to say that the utility is not precisely impressive, as it only features a medium-sized window and no other panels, menus or secondary screens.
Consequently, this translates into minimal tinkering possibilities, which some might find useful, as it does not require too much effort to understand, while others might prefer the ability to fine-tune their lookups.
Define the targeted word and replace all instances with a click
Find And Replace Words displays three main fields, specifically where you can input the ‘Word To Find’, the ‘Word To Replace With’ and the targeted ‘Text File’. It supports common file formats, for instance TXT or RTF, but it cannot handle MS Office documents.
The program is case sensitive, meaning it will differentiate between words written in capital and lowercase letters. Moreover, it can replace a whole sentence in your text, in one go. However, batch processing is not available, meaning that if you need to perform the same task on multiple documents, you will need to do it gradually.
A useful tool for replacing terms in a text
To sum it up, Find And Replace Words is a handy albeit rather limited application which aims to help you quickly change one word with another, in text files, the entire operation taking just seconds to complete.Comparison of Different Types of Fertilizers on Total Microorganism, Ascorbic Acid, Polyphenol, and Tannin Contents in Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch.) Produced from Vegetable Waste Using Hydrothermal Process.
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This software allows you to hide your browser history, so you can surf the internet privately. You can have different profiles for different websites, and can make use of a multitude of proxies (if you are at school or work, you don’t want to be tracked), while always knowing which websites you are visiting.
You can even watch programs on your computer while surfing the internet privately.

Domain Flush, a simple to use program, that will flush the cache for a specified number of days. This is useful if you want to refresh your site’s content without affecting your Google rankings.

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Bramming.com is a free SEO optimization tool that crawls your website, finds out all the pages that don’t have the tags needed to perform well, and then automatically fixes the tags so the pages will perform well.

SpywareBlaster is a simple, easy to use anti-spyware software designed to protect your PC from spyware, viruses, pop-up blockers and other malware. It also has the capability to filter sites, which is very useful if you often use bad sites, or you visit newsgroups where there is a high chance of getting infected.

Expose 101 uses an advanced command line browser that allows you to view the HTTP Traffic and DNS Traffic of a single or multiple sites.
It’s mostly a great tool for managing and debugging your websites, and is especially useful for people that are running a server for their websites.

Global Cache Cleaner is a simple, easy to use program designed to clear your website’s cache. It works for most web browsers and is a useful way to refresh your site.

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Internet Movie DataBase – IMDB is a database of movies, directors, writers and actors. It also stores IMDB descriptions, reviews, photos and galleries of movies and more.

Firefox Searchbar is a Firefox extension that lets you control the way that your Firefox searchbar behaves. There are a number of options to customize your Firefox Searchbar, so it can work the way you want it to.

7Search is a free, easy to use search engine designed to easily find anything in the Web by use of a simple Google style textbox. It’s more than just a search engine, but also allows you to search websites with results, and is designed to look like the Google Web search.


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