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KEYMACRO takes the CTRL-C approach when it comes to your keyboard, making it a perfect option for someone looking for a simple keyboard shortcut-based approach for use. In a nutshell, it allows users to have full control over the command line environment, whether it be for operating system-level commands or for common keyboard functions, such as system shutdown. And it also offers a silent command line environment in the background, allowing you to perform any actions on the command line without notice, making it a great alternative to running another app while you’re in a particular mode or doing something else. However, while it offers a ton of great features, it’s not perfect, so be sure to read our full review below to understand the app’s functionality and its pros and cons. KEYMACRO also comes in a Mac and Windows version, so there is no need to uninstall the command line tool from one system and then install it on another. This can save a lot of time, particularly if one already has a command line environment installed on the computer and just wants to add a few commands to it.
Keyboard commands in all seriousness
One of the most enjoyable aspects of having the keyboard control app is that it allows you to take full advantage of your keyboard, even when it comes to very common commands, such as restarting the PC or running the command to add a group of files to the trash. Additionally, it offers some very useful commands for advanced users, such as using “” to refer to the beginning or end of the text and replacing multiple words with a single command.
Keyboard commands are really a no-brainer
Because it takes advantage of the CTRL-C feature, the command line tool can be used in most instances in which it would be extremely easy to use the keyboard command, such as the shutdown command. Additionally, it offers a lot of flexibility and control, allowing users to perform multiple functions, as well as doing one action with a simple command.
Many keyboard shortcuts, with a simple enough and efficient approach
Having the keyboard commands app allows users to perform almost any action, from accessing apps, such as browsers and file managers, to some system management tasks, such as using Ctrl-C or shutting down the system. While it comes with a lot of shortcuts, it doesn’t overwhelm users and allows them to easily use them. In most instances, the app has shortcuts for most actions and requires little to no explanation. 84e02134c1

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KEYMACRO is a free utility that lets you encrypt and decrypt files on your Windows based computers. You can use it to encrypt and decrypt files, folders and folders, or even you can write new files using public/private key encryption. It allows you to work on your PC without worrying about somebody viewing your files or folders. You can even give your files a password and restrict them to viewing only to those who you want to view them.
With the combination of public key cryptography and the symmetric-key cryptographic algorithm (also known as the block cipher), KEYMACRO allows you to encrypt files or folders and open them using a public key and using the corresponding private key.

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Freeware from

Hyper Crypt

Hyper Crypt is a lightweight piece of software designed to help you encrypt files, folders and even messages that you want to send via email or IM clients without too much hassle.

Comes with a sleek and appealing interface

Following a quick and uneventful installation, you are welcomed by a stylish, modern and fresh interface. The UI includes three main tabs, namely the Encryption Options, File Encryption and Other Tools.

As you probably hinted, you can type or paste your password in the Encryption Option tab and specify whether you prefer to overwrite the original file or use the HCV file. Locking or unlocking files and directories can be done from the File Encryption tab, whereas the Other Tools comes with various utilities that can help you during the process.

Additionally, the application includes several utilities that allow you to generate various types of passwords for encryption. Consequentially, you can create a symmetric key of any desired length, asymmetric and HCV with different sizes.

At the same time, the application allows you to generate and compare hashes for various texts and files that you receive via email or download from locations that do not seem secure. It is worth mentioning that the encryption can be done with an AES-256 algorithm, RSA and One-Time Pad.

A nifty tool that can help safeguard your data

In the eventuality that you store valuable information on your laptop or computer and want to make sure that nobody can access it in case something happens, then perhaps Hyper Crypt can lend you a hand.

KEYMACRO Description:
KEYMACRO is a free utility that lets you encrypt and decrypt files on your Windows based computers. You can use it to


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