Jvcomm32 2 01 Serial Number \/\/FREE\\\\

Jvcomm32 2 01 Serial Number \/\/FREE\\\\

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Jvcomm32 2 01 Serial Number

this is all well and good for a “first pass” test to see if the receiver is working and that you’ve got enough signal level. after this, you want to eliminate issues that are not resolved during the initial tuning process.

the radio’s tuning stage may have a problem with providing smooth performance. tuning the radio to the first few if frequencies may give no indication that the radio is not performing well, but when you narrow the tuning spectrum, the radio may have trouble providing smooth performance. this could indicate an improper calibration, a bad if amplifier, a bad if filter, or a tuning problem. your first tuning approach should include several if frequencies, and may include a few 2-khz steps.

the fact is that there are many issues which can cause your radio to have problems when running transmit or receive mode. a simple if filter mismatch may leave the radio not functioning properly at all if the intermediate frequency has not been properly set. poor if gain and attenuation can cause overshoot and undershoot causing noise and interference.

tuning: many radios will have problems if the fm audio in not centered on the rf signal. often this is caused by the radio being set for an if that is too high, or a “cranked” if, which will run too high for the audio and cause interference. to adjust the if to the center of your audio, make note of the if which you believe is the center of your audio and the if which causes the highest audio amplitude.

once the highest if is noted, look at the rds (radio data system) that is used by the radio for its information. this will often indicate a center frequency with a number. this will usually match or be close to the center frequency of your audio. adjust your if to this center. using a signal generator, narrow the frequency over your if range and make note of the highest if or center frequency.

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You can use the TNC ID codes as numbers themselves, either as a serial number or as their own 4-digit number. They can also be used to look up the TNC record in the database. To do this, enter the code in the database and click on the Search button. If the program finds a match, it will return the serial number and ID code. If it finds multiple records, then there are at least two different serial numbers listed, and you may want to further narrow the search by using the Search by serial number option to return only the record you want.
AirMail will also provide the serial number of the TNC during the registration process. However, in the event that you wish to confirm a TNC, you will need to look up the TNC ID code in the database to find the TNC. As you probably know, the codes for the TNC ID, serial number and KA-12000 are all three strings of numbers and letters that must be matched up. If you type just the KA-12000 in the database, you’ll see all the TNC ID’s listed and a program that can be used to look up TNC ID codes in the database.


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