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KeyMacro is a software utility designed to help users create shortcuts for programs, games and web sites. You can create up to five shortcuts (one shortcut per letter) and you can assign a shortcut to activate any key on your keyboard.
KeyMacro is a handy and powerful software for help in anything you do on your computer.
The program supports most languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Russian, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and many more.
KeyMacro is not just a software to create shortcuts of websites, it is also a versatile keyboard macro system to enhance your work in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and others. It will help you complete your work faster, reduce repetitive keystrokes and avoid typing mistakes.
KeyMacro lets you activate almost any key on your keyboard. Also, you can create one shortcut to press several keys on your keyboard at once.
KeyMacro allows you to save macros and activate them later, on demand. You can change keyboard layouts and switches between windows.
You can use its powerful configuration to improve your typing efficiency and reduce the number of keystrokes.
KeyMacro is easy to learn and configure.
* Macro Builder with preset and custom mades macros.
* Dynamic KeyCombos for all letters of the alphabet.
* Full Keyboard remapping of all letters of the alphabet.
* Configurable Keyboard Shortcuts.
* Online help to set the keyboard layout.
* Automatic saving and loading of the configuration for each session.
* A dynamic tool to create keyboard shortcuts based on the current font and size.
* Scripts support.
* Is script-enabled.
* KeyMacro allows you to create Keyboard Shortcuts of any websites.
* Easy to use!
* Easy to configure!
* Multi-language interface (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Russian, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, etc…)
What’s New in This Release:
* New online Help function.
* New Macros Builder Wizard.
* Improved the localization of the application.
* Some performance and stability improvements.
* Reworked the interface design and some code optimizations.
* Some new fonts have been added.
* Some icons have been updated.
* Fix an issue that affected the installation on 64-bits systems.
* Improved the 384a16bd22

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Upload and synchronize photos from your PC to your iPhone. You don’t need iTunes or a wired connection, it runs on your PC or a Mac.

Customizable date and time formats (any date, any time, ISO format: YYYY-MM-DD, hh:mm:ss, or just DD-MM-YYYY).

Keep or delete multiple photos as an album (one album per folder).

Sync automatically or on demand.

Download to and view your photos on the go (on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad).

See exactly which photos your PC synced (uploaded) or viewed.

Synchronize using Wi-Fi or USB.

Compatibility: Windows XP or later, Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

2. Share and print your photos from your PC with PhotoSync for Lazy.

PhotoSync for Lazy allows you to easily share your photos to other applications, to social networks and to print them.
Simply mark the photos on your PC to be shared or printed, open the “PhotoSync for Lazy” app on your iPhone and the photos are instantly available on your iPhone.

Auto share to:










4. Folders are the same on your PC and on your iPhone.

You do not need to bother with complicated iTunes folder structures, just copy your photos to the special “Sync for Lazy” folder on your PC and open the “PhotoSync for Lazy” app on your iPhone. After you do so, the photos will be automatically loaded and arranged just the same on your iPhone, in the same folders as on your PC.

Make sure to enable “Show Hidden Files” on the PC to see the hidden folders, it is a good idea to use “View -> Advanced -> Show hidden files”.

NOTE! If you use a Mac, see “The Mac Versions” for instructions.

Additional Information:

Special Folder for the “Sync for Lazy” application:

When you copy your photos to the “Sync for Lazy” folder, they are copied there with a name like “photo_2019-03-23_20-33-56_JPEG” or “photo_2019-03-23_20-33-


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