Iridion 3D Patch full version Free X64 [2022]







• A copy of the game, with all 4 DLCs included.
• The official soundtrack, bundled with a download code for the game.
• An official poster and soundtrack art print.
• A limited edition 500-page art book.
• The game’s art book is a special collector’s edition, limited to 100 copies.

Exclusives for Kickstarter backers
In addition to the game, backers on Kickstarter can receive exclusive content:
• A digital copy of the game with all 4 DLCs (the PC version) and the game’s soundtrack.
• Two different art prints: one is inspired by the game’s world, one is inspired by the main character.
• An official soundtrack art print, a limited edition poster and some art book, a digital copy of the game and a digital copy of the soundtrack.
• Digital copies of the four Game Design Talks videos.
• Digital copies of all the art books.


As you play the game, the amount of difficultly changes. There are four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Insane and Crazy.


Like almost all of the games in the Sam Barlow Project, the game is split into multiple worlds, all tied together with a story.

The game’s story is built around a new character, Anton, and his diary.
Anton, the Diary, is the main character in the game. He is a teenager whose parents died in a car accident in childhood, after which he was raised by their best friend, Olivia. They are visiting a young girl named Victoria after graduation, who they used to know in school. When Anton meets the young girl, she takes him under her wing and gives him a journey into the world of Endless, in which he starts to unravel the mystery surrounding his parent’s death. The game is divided into “Alexandria” and “Endless”.

Endless is Anton’s first adventure. In this world, he starts out in Alexandria where his adventure will eventually lead him to his ultimate goal. The Alexandria worlds, 1-2, are accessible through the UI. Endless is the only world that is in 3D, but with 2D interactivity.


The game has received mostly positive reviews.

Hit or Miss: 8.5/10 – Giant Bomb
8/10 – PCGamer
9/10 – Nintendo World Report


Iridion 3D Features Key:

  • Choose your 2 3D games and start them
  • Choose your speed, then automatically change it according to the types of game selected
  • 3D Games with multi-clicks and livelight
  • Those games are very nice but short: Bubelyout, Foo Fighters & Invisible Gun
  • Features:
    • Change speed according to the type of game selected
    • Multi-Click: move more times your mouse
    • Live light: make different parts of your screen full of light
  • Fullscreen Mode

    • 4 choices of game, games to Fullscreen
    • Can set GPU
    • Automatically change FPS
    • Support hardware acceleration
    • Support hardware glVsync for sending frames per second
    • All of that with minimum resources and no CPU overload
    • Support multi GPU or dual GPU (supports two GPUs) setted in BIOS
    • Support VDEVICE (Vide card Device)
    • Support external VDEVICE

    Hippo Keyboard tutorial

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    This is a standalone VR horror experience inspired by Roadhouse. Currently we offer two experiences. The scare is just as intense and quality of VR graphics are as good as any other game. Come with us for a thrilling journey that will leave your nerves aching.
    – Virtual Reality Experience
    – Horrifying Scenes
    – Immersive locations
    – Interactive Narrative and Suspense
    – Scared to Death
    1. Why is the game labeled “Scared to Death”?
    There was a report of a woman being killed near a hayride in East Texas, and the experience of the people who witnessed it. Our challenge was to recreate the terrifying experience. It took many months of development to get this nightmare to come to life. We are proud to say that this experience is designed to leave everyone in the house scared and shaking.
    2. Is the game scary?
    Yes! The game is designed to be a terrifying experience. With all of the interactive scares, horrifying events, and spook-tacular environments, we are confident that when this game is complete, we will have given even the most brave of gamers a “scared to death” experience.
    3. Why would I want to play this horror game?
    You should enjoy spooky adventures and haunted hayrides; this is what the game is. With incredible environments and horror elements, what you see is what you get. Get ready to experience something that no other game on Steam or YouTube is offering.
    4. Will I have to use the Vive?
    No. This game is designed to be played on any platform with a Vive, Rift, Gear, or whatever you want to call it.
    5. Is this game for children or adults?
    You bet it is! The game is fun for people of all ages. It is intended for the horror-loving, thrill-seeking, young and old.
    6. How much does this game cost?
    7. Does the game come with a manual or tutorial?
    There is a very short manual that can be found in the game.
    8. Is the game open-ended?
    No. The story is over at the end, and we leave you to figure out the end of the story.
    9. Can I do anything to help this game be better?
    Feel free to post your suggestions for improvements in the comments at the bottom of this page. We always read and try to incorporate your suggestions.


    Iridion 3D With Registration Code [Win/Mac]

    – free to move
    – free to attack
    – build walls
    – destroy rocks
    – find rare crystals
    Solve the mystery of the crystals and break down the wall of misunderstanding!
    Features “Mistake”:
    – beautiful graphics
    – unique game style
    – dynamic gameplay
    – choose between various characters
    Losing… Gameplay:
    – you can steal points from enemy players
    – you can load new games
    – you can check your profile
    – you can see who has been your opponent
    – you can add your game to the favorites list
    Losing game feature!
    – single player, local and online multiplayer games
    Losing free game!
    – 1-8 players
    – local and online multiplayer games
    – You can play with friends
    – You can play in challenge mode
    Losing scoring:
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    What’s new in Iridion 3D: