Hitman Pro Beta X64 Patch

Hitman Pro Beta X64 Patch



Hitman Pro Beta X64 Patch

for the future, we are looking at the introduction of tools to help those players who wanted to use different outfits and props (but cant afford them all the time). those tools will make it possible for those players to get the best of those outfits and props.

also, the beta patch is the moment where we looked at ways to offer players different customization options in the game. we are still investigating in this, as well as options to add new visual customization and props. in a sense, this could mean the addition of agent-specific weapons (like the sawed-off shotgun). more on this will be shared on our forums very soon.

this is an important milestone, but there is a lot of work to come to fully prepare this game for launch. help us test this version and ensure it remains stable with progression carryover across platforms!

we are now removing the pass that carries over to hitman 3 all hitman 2 progression. the agent progression will be converted to character progression. the agent progression wont be saved in the build, so your progression of agent wasnt saved and you need to start a new agent to have all your progression. what your progression was will be represented on the new agent profile after youve converted it to character progression. so if youve been playing hitman 2 for the last 5 years, youll have 5 characters of progression on your new agent profile. characters that have been played before the launch will be converted to character progression again. i dont think hitman 3 will ever support activation and disappearance of characters that will make this obsolete.

another huge change for 47 is his current suite of weapons. going forward, 47 will have two primary weapons: a hand-to-hand, and a pistol. with the new hand-to-hand, he’ll be able to perform moves such as “strong punch” and “weak punch”. the pistol, on the other hand, will use standard aiming to zero in on targets and a secondary fire that will force enemies to cover their head or neck. if that is all too easy for 47, he’s also managed to upgrade his grenades into the “crisper grenade” that can pierce targets through thick clothing. lastly, we have 47’s grenadier helmet that puts a visor on his head that’ll automatically cover his face. it’ll also serve as a shield if needed. overall, this is definitely a very good move for 47’s part.
47 also has a few new forms that he can unlock by completing several missions. these include some new moves and animations, but at the end of the day, he can still kick and punch with no problem. he’ll even get access to a new hitman skill now that his speed has been increased by 5% at the cost of his health.
47’s attire seems to mirror the base coat color of the world map by changing the color of the locations. it’s now a light brown that reminds you of the island. the new hitman will also have more of a choice on what style to wear. you’ll also get access to the new leather jacket as well as different types of shirts.
other than that, we don’t exactly have too many changes. more classes are on the way, and that should solve the issue of 47’s slow leveling. pubg is also about to receive big changes, and it’ll be interesting to see how those affect gameplay.


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