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This is a high-quality version of the great (and free) program Guitar Pro. This version contains the following enhancements over the original:
* Guitar Pro 4 (
* Full-screen Mode
* Acrylic template
* Auto-stitching
* Multiple Styles
* Auto-splitter
* Tutorial
* Coding/Other
* Gamepad support
* Performance-optimizations
* PC-wide version
* Version 10 Guitar Plus Cracked Accounts Introduction:
Piano Plus is a great tool for learning piano with a keyboard view and a piano-roll.
With a large chord database of piano chords, it lets you quickly find chords in any key. The database includes many different types of chords, from commonly used voicings to complex jazz chords.
For any chord you select, it will give you a staff view, a keyboard view, chord diagrams for four different inversions, and a map of the piano keyboard that shows each location of every note in the chord.
Piano Plus also includes a tuner with reference pitches for standard tunes, along with a chord looping utility that lets you sequence a series of chord voices and play them back through your sound card or MIDI instrument.
You can even create strumming patterns for use with the chord progressions. Use Piano Plus to learn scales with a keyboard view. Also use the capo option to hear and view the chord progressions you have created at higher or lower pitches.
Finally, save all your chord progressions and strumming files for future use.
Piano Plus Description:
This is a high-quality version of the great (and free) program Piano-Roll. Piano-Roll is a piano lesson program that teaches you all the basics of playing the piano.
This version contains the following enhancements over the original:
* Add the ability to control each lesson
* Auto-stop
* Auto-restart
* Feedback
* Keyset
* Lespart
* The ability to preset your master keyset
* Touch-resize
* Touch-zoom
* Touch-pan
* Touch-rotate
* Visualization
* Scale-grid
* Drag-and-drop
* Keyboard-tabs
* Layered-keyset
* Visually-graded scales
* Non-C-based scales
* Easy-to-use piano-roll editor
* Scale

Guitar Plus Crack + Download

Guitar Plus is a guitar training and learning software system for Windows. This software is designed to help you improve your guitar, bass, and drum playing.
On each song, you can play guitar chords or a MIDI instrument like a bass or drum kit, in different tunings or keys.
The software is designed to help you see chord progressions and solo passages of songs, and combine these patterns to learn a whole song.
Keyboard View:
On the keyboard tab, you can see which notes are used in each chord. You can see fretboard positions that can be used to play different chords, like a fretboard diagram.
Chord diagrams:
On the Chord tab, you can choose one of four different chord diagrams.
In the 1st inversion diagram, the 1st, 4th, and 5th of the chord are omitted.
The 2nd inversion diagram shows the second and sixth of the chord.
The 3rd inversion diagram shows the 1st, 3rd, and 5th of the chord.
The 4th inversion diagram shows the first, 2nd, and 6th of the chord.
Map of the fretboard:
The chord map tab shows you every note on the guitar.
Each note is colored with the chord it belongs to. You can use the letter keys below the fretboard to change the note’s color and to change a note’s fretboard position.
Tuning with the capo:
The capo tab allows you to make a chord sound in a different key.
Each note on the guitar is mapped with a note, for each key that you can choose. You can use letter keys to choose the note, and the position of a note on the guitar and of a note from the keyboard.
Patterns of notes:
On the Pattern tab, you can select and change a chord pattern to play. You can view chords in different keys.
On the Chord Pointer tab, you can choose a Chord Pointer pattern. It will show different chords and tones. You can view a chord in different inversions.
On the Strum tab, you can choose chords and tones to strum. You can view the chords in different keys.
On the Scale tab, you can see chord progressions from a song.
You can see piano keyboard view and guitar view. You can change scale notes and chords.
You can see intervals and can change them from major to

Guitar Plus

ChordPlus is a wonderful software for learning and practicing guitar chords.
It includes a large database with an extensive list of chords organized by key and type (regular or variant), and has easy to navigate and view chord diagrams for any chord in every key. Chords can be easily entered and edited, along with chord progression patterns and fingerings.
Highlights include: – Guitar tuner with reference pitches for a standard notation (TET style) tune for guitar and keyboard – New chord inversion feature that allows for chords to be transposed to different inversions within the same key – Automatic chord inversion for guitar – Ability to transpose chords from a chord library directly from the keyboard – Transpose chords in any direction on a fretboard diagram – Color code for chords and inversions – Numbered tab for easy navigation on a fretboard diagram – Capo option to hear chord progressions at higher or lower pitches – Ability to edit and copy a chord progression pattern as a text string – Change the fretboard design to a different scale to tune your guitar – Provides a MIDI file for a chord progression and drums – Save you fingerings, chord progressions, and other chord editing activity into a file – Group chords in a chord progression pattern – Ability to edit a chord progression and save it – Ability to create a strumming pattern to accompany a chord progression – Ability to create chord progressions for the guitar and keyboard that you can sequence – Ability to create chord progressions that display the fretboard in various scales – Create custom chord types (Tonic, Dominant, etc.) – Ability to create an artificial harmonic minor scale – Limit the number of chords for a chord progression – Auto-instrument a guitar chord progression to a MIDI file – Ability to transpose chords in either direction on the fretboard diagram – Automatic chord inversion for bass guitar – Chord library for major chords – Four inversion charts for each chord – Ability to transpose chords from a chord library directly from the keyboard – Ability to transpose chords in any direction on a fretboard diagram – New “Piano Tuner” with reference pitches for a standard notation (TET style) tune for keyboard – Ability to play chords back in their normal and inversions – Ability to play the inversions in any key – Ability to edit chords or chords in a library – Ability to look at various fretboard view options (7 fret, fingerboard, tab, as well as 8 string view) – Ability to edit a chord diagram and auto-transpose it to a

What’s New in the Guitar Plus?

*Load and save chord progressions and strumming patterns from your computer with Guitar Plus.
*Create, save and load your own chord progressions and strumming patterns with a keyboard view.
*View and edit pitch information for any note in your chord.
*Mix and match guitar chord voicings to find the exact arrangement.
*Play or sing the chord progression by transposing with the in-strum option.
*Beat match, play with your favorite song and play along to your favorite songs with the Tempo, Metronome, and Jamming options.
*Automatic transcription of lyrics in any popular music songs with the Rhymbox option.
*Easily save, load and share play lists with your favorite chord progressions and strumming patterns, with progressions up to 3 tracks long.
*Guitar Plus allows you to save your progressions as guitar sheets, chordmaps or Mp3 files, or print them to paper and play directly from your printer.
*Combine G+ chords together to quickly create new chord progressions.
*Learn scales with a keyboard view.
*Use the chord looping utility to sequence and play back chords in a series.
*Capo option allows you to play a song in any position, from low C to high C.
*Add Bass guitar with the optional BASS plugin.
*Save your chord progressions and strumming patterns for future use.
*Create your own music with Guitar Plus.
*Use Guitar Plus in a laptop or computer with a MIDI keyboard and standard Guitar, Piano or Rock/Pop style guitar.
*Run Guitar Plus on any computer, any web browser, any operating system.
*See comprehensive Chord Reference and Resources:
*New version of Guitar Plus for Mac OS X Lion was released as part of the new Guitar Pro 5 release.

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