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Godus For Pc Free ~REPACK~ Download

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Godus For Pc Free Download

had things been different, godus might have been the point at which molyneux’s career ended, as it were. had he left in february, things might have gone back to the way they were before. but now, as godus approaches its final day, he’s able to look back on a career, and a company, that he’s more or less been trying to build from scratch for the last 18 years. he can look back on a company that has brought him $20m and led to the creation of two new molyneux franchises, and he can also look back on what is, on the evidence, a small but vital group of loyal and dedicated staff.

phillips is clear that he wants to continue talking to the press and sharing his vision for the future, not least so that he can reassure the fans and investors who’ve bought into godus. he’s also clear that he’s not going to put any stone unturned in his search for a new ceo, and that he’s not in any hurry. he’s also, he says, quite happy to take some time off and enjoy his remaining days on godus.

and i’m not going to try and guess what’s going to happen in the near future. there are two options, as far as i can see. the first is that molyneux makes a comeback. the second is that he doesn’t. whichever it is, godus, in whatever form it emerges, will have lived its short life to the full.

godus is the game that molyneux was always meant to make. if he ever does make another game, it will be the game that will reflect the man, but godus will also be a game that shows that, while godus was molyneux’s dream, a dream that failed, it was also molyneux’s game, and that phillips and his team got it right.

godus is a turn based strategy game. each turn in godus represents a year of time in the game. you start with nothing and must compete to build a prosperous society. you build a civilization, an economy, research technologies, and then settle your lands. you have an incredible amount of control over your society, and you can even choose how your society grows and changes. you can manage everything from the design of your houses to the placement of research buildings.
on november 4, 2012, the godus kickstarter campaign for the pc version was funded within the target time of two days, and achieved over us$4.3 million. as of december 3, 2012, the total sum for the kickstarter campaign was over us$6.07 million.
on october 16, 2013, the godus crowd-funding platform was taken down, following an investigation by the federal trade commission that took place on august 28, 2013. the ftc found that “kickstarter failed to reasonably ensure that funders had a reasonable opportunity to review and examine the terms of the crowdfunding agreement, and when the agreement was revised and changed after the fact, kickstarter did not provide the required disclosures or obtain the required consents.”
on january 15, 2014, the team announced that they had entered into a partnership with paradox interactive, based on the swedish-based game studio paradox development studio. this partnership is called the godus project and will be run by the team behind godus, comprising 10 people. the aim is to complete the pc version and the mobile version of godus, along with the fall, and to keep the godus community healthy.


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